Europe, we're here!

Europe, we’re here!

The first phase of our mission to revolutionise personal finance in Europe is now taking flight, as of today. As we promised, we’re pushing deeper into Europe, using some of our $95 million Series C investment to do this.

Starting with our French, Polish and Irish customers, we’re allocating more resources to transform how they spend, send, see and save money. :fr: :poland: :ireland:

We’re not stopping there, we’re coming for other European countries too - watch this space! :rocket:


Good news, great! :+1::smiley::+1:

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First step for France: make the black card more attractive :wink::wink::wink:


I’m looking forward to the details!

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what does it mean? how is it possible without fixing gbit’s currency issue? i’m sure polish cards are also affected, 5000 gbp=5000 pln with polish bin cards


Great news :+1:, but what does this mean exactly? New local affiliates? Or advertisement in local media? Or what can we expect, please? :man_shrugging:

Hopefully more french cashback retailers the cards balance… And the different contest uk only.

Thanks for your questions!

@tygger I know you’re still waiting on a fix for this GBIT issue. I’ve just checked with our engineering team and they are still working on it. Thanks for your patience.

To provide more clarity, this is what we’ve already done / are working on at the moment:

  • Increasing awareness with local media
  • Partnering with influencers / affiliates in as many countries as possible
  • Created a French group on the Community so we now have French and Polish.
  • Prioritising customers in these countries to ensure a smooth onboarding experience
  • Exploring localisation of help centre content eg. FAQ’s in different languages
  • Looking into the possibility of providing support in native languages too

Are you working on translating the UI of the app itself as well? Based on my own experiences I remember this was the biggest drawback to many people, especially older ones. Even if someone speaks English they might not feel comfortable enough to use a financial service if it isn’t provided with a proper translation.


I agree @Pawel, that would be huge benefit :bomb: for many people and Curve should prioritize it in their Europe-expanding plans. :eu:


@Pawel We’re not working on it right now but I will suggest it to the team and provide both your feedback!


Is there an ETA for Ireland launch and will this include a local BIN? Thanks in advance.

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Curve is already available in Ireland and for Ireland the Curve card does already have a country specific BIN.

This quote is from a while ago, there are even more countries now with a country specific BIN.

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Oh interesting, we have 3 cards in this house all with UK bins. Will contact support thanks


Not at all.

Can’t wait to see swipe now, pay later” in Romania, we can buy a product now and pay in 3-6 installments without any fees or other hidden commissions (see what banks do)

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@Hannah please check and remind them every day, to fix it finally! sorry to say that but this issue is getting ridiculous and i’m really running out of patience. do you know how does it feel? like to be a tier 2 customer only because of my card’s bin. i’ve been waiting for this fix for 6 months now! it is very unfair to be tier 2 compared to users who have uk bin cards. you MUST do something, currently i (and all users with especially hungarian bin) don’t have the same functions as others. this is unacceptable

@Hannah since when is the prioritising a smooth on boarding process been in? My partner has been onto support multiple times over the last few months as she’s having multiple issues getting set up in the app!

Great news to hear!

Hi @tygger I completely understand how frustrating this issue is but want to assure you that I’m checking this with our team every day.

@thisisliving92 This is a recent push into Europe. It sounds like your partner may have an issue with her account if it’s taking that long to sign up. Unfortunately I can’t check that here but please feel free to reach back out to our support team or get in touch through @AskCurve on Twitter so they can investigate the issue.