Even deleted card can not be used in another account

I have the same problem.

Don’t expect them to fix this for several months.

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Doesn’t it sound a bit off, and against GDPR and PCI-DSS, for Curve to be keeping / not wiping the deleted card numbers? Looks like a breach nightmare waiting to happen.


Hey guys, unfortunately this is an ongoing issue. At the moment, cards that were previously added to a Curve account cannot be added to another account. Although it has been ongoing for a while now, our engineers are aware of it and are working on a fix at the moment - it’s just taking some time.

As @Greganddorne mentioned, a quick fix would be to request a new card (with new number) from your bank.

Looks like this issue is solved. Today I was able to add a card to my Curve wallet/account, that previously was in/on another Curve wallet/account.

Not sure about this. PCI compliance forbids to have the card number stored in plain text. Pretty much all financian institutions (but not the Mastercard priceless website) has the card details saved in tokens.
And banks are required to keep customer data on record by law for (I believe) 10 years, so even under GDPR banks have to store your data.

Exactly, already had to order new card from my bank and cancel old one because a had transactions going through, looks like bug in curve system was repeating transactions that happened in the past. Until all my cards, that were in the curve app before will be cancelled and replaced, I’m not safe.
And I’m still not fully refunded.