Every Credit Card gets declined. Support not answering - whats going on?


since Saturday, I cannot make any payment with Curve anymore. I have 3 Credit cards connected to it and ALL of them work fine. Yet Curve keeps coming up with “payment declined”.

I have contacted support MULTIPLE times and not yet received an answer. That’s unacceptable in my opinion. What else is there that I can do?

You are only delaying the support when you keep sending them email
You have to wait

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I had a similar issue on my account and the Support Team told me, the risk engine had blocked my account.

Once they unblocked it, everything was working as normal.

So maybe, ur having the same problem.

yeah, in this case card is probably blocked. mine was blocked twice in the last few weeks without warning. another serious problem with curve that you don’t know anything about an account block: no sign in the app, no notification, no nothing. this is just ridiculous

i have a trick for checking whether the card is blocked or not: my curve card is added to my google account’s payment methods, i simply click on edit. in this case i need to add cvc again, after that i click on update. if the card is blocked, an error response will be shown

Is Curve activly watching this forum? I understand, that cards can get blocked for a reason but not responding to customers emails for more than 4 days is absurd.

What I figured out so far is that I received the physical Curve card and activated it. I think since then it blocks all the payments. Maybe it has something to do with the activation itself and I can fix it somehow myself?

4 days definitely seems like a problem - I’d suggest sending them a tweet at @AskCurve.