Everyone’s limits increased to over 1 million? And monthly limits removed or 'unknown'

Looks like everyone’s limits have been increased to over a million.
Is this accurate or a bug?
Don’t want to get my hopes up!

Definitely not everyone’s limits. Mine are still the same.

20 people on Head for Points this morning stated happened to them. All saying gone to 1.4 - 1.6 million.
Mine gone to 1.4 million

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My limits as well as my wife’s limits currently show 9000 GBP daily limit and 1,6 million GBP yearly limit. :scream:

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my limits are in HUF, yearly was increased to 518 million

yearly atm limit was decreased, daily was increased

both 30 days limits shown as “unknown”

same increased to 1.6 million.


Mine has increased to over a million as well, and the 30-day limit has gone. I’ve now only got a daily and yearly limit.

Perhaps Curve is getting ready for Black Friday and expecting users to spend millions of £££ :joy:


£1.6M here too :rofl:


£1.6M for me too.

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My limits are up too, just checked - £9k daily or £1.6m yearly for purchases, £1k daily or £100k yearly for ATM use.

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Hey Philip!

We’re currently working on a totally new structure for Curve spending limits. As a result you’ve got a brand new set of temporary spending limits – just in time for Black Friday and that dreaded Xmas shop!

Head over to the “Card limits” section in the app and you’ll be able to see exactly what your new limits are. Spoiler alert! We’ve removed monthly spending limits.

Bear in mind these new limits are only temporary and when we reassess them in the coming weeks, we’ll be sure to update you.

For now, you can take full advantage of your current limits by shopping in-store or online to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered with our Curve Customer Protection .

Hope this helps!


oh i thought my request was finally answered! at least there’s an explanation. hoping my limits are still high once they return back down to earth

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It would be nice to have a FX 30-day window.

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Hey! Our engineers are working to add this to your displayed limits in the app! In the meantime, you can reach out to our team at support@curve.app who can provide this information!


Thanks for the quick reply!

Does this mean most people (especially long time customers) will likely see a higher annual spending limit than they had previously once the changes have been finalised?

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Are daily limits likely to change in the trial period too?

Great having a bigger annual limit and no monthly but to fully maximize it, a higher daily one would also be beneficial

Hey! @Canadianspruce @Olly, unfortunately, I don’t know the answers to these! I’ll let you know when we get some more information about the reassessment coming up!

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All these glitches doesn’t really boost the fragile confidence I have with Curve…
The other day the exchange rate quoted was reversed incorrectly - instead of GBP 1= HKD10 I was shown HKD 1 = GBP 10 so my £54 (HK$540) transaction was quoted as a £540 transaction!