Excessive security authentications with Curve

Probably many, like me, are already sick and tired with having to authenticate every single online transaction. I know this has been prompted by a recent legislative requirement in the UK.

My issue with Curve is that this process is far more clunky and time consuming that other cards I use. Other cards offer options to ‘save’ my PC/phone as a trusted device, or create trusted retailers which significantly reduce the number of times I have to go through the authentication process.

Is anything in the works to replicate such improvements to the Curve authentication process?

I don’t have anything like that for 3DS on any of my cards (and I have got plenty of them)… :man_shrugging::dizzy_face: Not that I would use/want it… :grimacing:

In the European Union, not just the UK.

Several cards including Amex and Newday allow you to whitelist retailers. I agree it would be good if Curve also offered the same option.


Same for me for famous Amazon

I’m ok with authenticating purchases. Takes a matter of seconds via the app. I’ve been the victim of card cloning. It’s a PIA to sort out. This restricts that.

The current implementation is crazy. I am being asked for 2FA every time I modify my online grocery order, even if it’s just for a few pence. Other British credit cards are happy to approve without the 2FA, so Curve’s going beyond the legislative requirement.

Curve’s actual implementation isn’t user friendly either - clearly developed as an MVP then abandoned. Some thoughts off the top of my head…

  • Why can’t I approve from my iPhone notification itself (holding down the notification and clicking approve/decline), rather than having to click it to to open up the app?
  • If I accidentally dismiss the notification, why does opening up the app directly not let me approve the transaction?
  • If I copy and paste the SMS code, why does the web widget fail if I have leading or trailing spaces rather than looking at the digits entered?
  • Once I have approved the transaction in app, why do I need to click a button on the web widget to say I have done so?
  • Why does the notification / approval request not show the full amount that will be charged to me (it currently excludes Curve’s fees)

Other than the last bullet, other card providers have implemented the above to streamline the customer experience. A little bit of effort by Curve would make a difference to a huge number of customer interactions.