Exchange fee for big transaction

I have contacted support multiple times (5+) asking this question and they havent answered it for weeks so I will try here.

The monthly free exchange limit is something like 500 GBP.

I need to spend 700 USD.

Because this amount of 700 dollars is more than 500 pounds I know I will be charged an exchange fee.

My question is will I be charged a fee for the whole 700 USD or will they break out the part that is over 500 pounds and charge a fee of 2% on just that amount or will the system be unable to do this kind of split and charge me 2% on the whole 700 USD?

I spent 750 USD and it looks like I was only charged a fee for the amount exceeding 500 GBP so it looks OK. Although I was unable to get a receipt for the transaction without a manual verification of my email via support. So I guess it will take some time! But Im good for now I guess. I would like it if someone confirms my experience though. And the monthly limit is reset on the first of the month not a month from the last transaction hopefully.

Thx for the link. It wasnt clear at all what the terms are so thanks for saving me from doing a potentially costly experiment.

Its funny though, in that thread she said it would be fixed in the next update. Two years ago…

I wish I found out about Curve earlier so I also could have the grandfathered black card and get a slightly better experience.

Hey @v1 welcome to the Community, glad to have you here!

I can see that you’ve already answered your question by making your transaction but just to confirm, you’ll only be charged a fee on the amount that exceeds your limit.

I’m going to pass your feedback on to our Product team again about making this clear in the app!