Exchange rate JOD-EUR vs revolut

I’ve recently withdraw from the same ATM, same day, same hour 200 JOD (Jordanian Dinars).
I’ve used Curve and then Revolut.

  • Curve charged me 280 EUR
  • Revolut 272 EUR

8 Eur dif in such a small amount. What’s the reason?!
I notice that Curve exchanged JOD to USD and then to EUR. Can this be the reason?


Was it during weekend? At which Curve subscription tier you are? :thinking:

Yes, it was on a saturday. Both withdrawals were made with less than 5 minutes interval.

Both Curve and Revolit are the basic free accounts.

There is 1,5 % fee for FX transactions made on weekends with Curve. There is also 2 % or 2 EUR (whichever is greater) fee for credit card ATM witdrawals over 200 EUR per calendar month. Last but not least, there is 2 % fee for FX transactions over 500 EUR per rolling 30-day period for Curve Standard tier (free subscription). :moneybag::money_with_wings::money_mouth_face:

If you need higher no-fees FX limits, please upgrade to Curve Black or Metal. :chart_with_upwards_trend::credit_card:

For more information please see Fees. :mag_right:

Total fees applied was only 3,8 eur (which are similar to Revolut: 4 eur)
The dif to Revolut is 8 eur!! which is only explainable by the exchange rate applied. NOt good at all for such a small amount.

Maybe ATM charged own fees for withdrawal with curve card? Was network same for both cards? (mastercard).

Same ATM, same day, same time.
Diferent networks: Revolut is VISA, Curve is Mastercard.

Weekend surcharge + different fx rate (MC vs Visa)

No, not possible. Both use Interbank Exchange rate. Both apply almost the same fees. Fees diference was only 0,2 Eur.
Very strange … maybe bye bye Curve …

No, Curve does not use the interbank rate anymore, they use the MC rate.

Why curve did JOD → USD → EUR ? Is that some sort of standard to exchange for less known currencies? :thinking:

No idea. My curve transaction is on USD and not on JOD.

Did ATM showed any screens about DCC ? (dynamic currency conversion).

nope, no special display

It happened to me in 2020 that a Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM gave me JODs but charged my Revolut Mastercard in USD without a DCC prompt.

Yes, it was also the Bank I used. The strange thing is that revolut it went well…

Maybe because your Revolut is Visa, mine was Mastercard…but as you see I would bet on the ATM doing the conversion.

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