Exchange rate should be rounded to at least the first non-zero decimal

Exchange rates seems to be rounded to a maximum of 2 decimals. In the case of EUR/HUF pair, if you divide 1/340 you get 0.0029…, and only 0.00 is shown, but this should be fixed and the app on the UI should round to at least one non-zero decimal in these cases (so with 1/340 it should show 0.003). There is no other way to see the actual rate used than manual calculation at the moment. I told this to support some months ago, but without any change since then I’m trying my luck here, should be a low hanging fruit to fix.
Ps: I know that HUF is a weak shitty currency, but it’s not the only one, and it is an easy fix, so please fix this.


Or it would be better to have the reciprocal displayed in such a case. (340 HUF)

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This is even worse than Revolut, which hard-codes all FX rates to 4 decimal places. Here’s what I wrote about Revolut’s design flaw, which applies also to Curve:

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