Existing Blue/Black customers after free year of Metal (£1k+ investment)

My understanding reading posts on here as well as the current discussion on Crowdcube is that at the end of the free Metal year, you move to Blue or Black if you opt not to continue with Metal.

Instead of simply changing the underlying product associated with the Metal investor card (no additional cost), in that scenario all £1k+ investors will be re-issued a new Blue/Black curve card that needs to be relinked to the new product, incurring unnecessary shipping, handling and admin costs.

Is there a business/logical reason for this - as I doubt this is a good use of capital?

Question already asked elsewhere.

If I’m understanding Charlie’s response correctly, Curve Metal (product) is part of the MWE program. I understand that as a subscriber to the product there are requirements and standards, which Legacy Black did not meet. I believe the thread you linked was focused on the Legacy Black product and whether it will be supported on Metal cards.

Unless someone from Curve can confirm that current Blue/Black products also do not meet MWE standards and requirements?

I am not a Curve employee, but I am not ‘afraid’ to confirm that.

Thanks poeliev - you’re probably right!

Im on Curve Blue and enter my first 6 digits in MasterCard World Elite website and it let me in. Seems my Blue curve card is MWE enabled :man_shrugging:t4:

My Legacy Black lets me in too, but (trust me) it does not meet MasterCard World Elite standards/requirements in a way the Curve Metal Card can still be used, after the metal subscription expires.

What I uderstand is that this could also be a way for Curve to reduce its footprint of legacy blue/black ‘grandfathered’ clients who they make a loss on if they had the original more comprehensive rewards program?