Existing Curve Metal Subscribers Ostracised

As a current Curve Metal subscriber I was so excited when the option of crowdfunding came up to become an investor, and then the Metal card designs came out. However to find out that to get the Metal card reward I will have to invest £1000+, I’m now feeling ostracised.

I can afford the £15 p/m fee for the Metal tier and Metal card, but I cannot afford to invest £1000+ to then also keep my Metal card. I want to show off my loyalty with an investor card, but want to keep my Metal card as part of my subscription, however I will have to forfeit my Metal card for the red plastic card if I want to do so.

I’m really disappointed about this, as an early adopter of Curve back in the beta days, and a early adopter of Metal, I feel this is a poor decision on Curves part. I feel as a Metal subscriber I should get the Metal investor card reward on any investment above £10, much like all other Curve customers will get the plastic investor card on their investments.

I’m really not overly concerned about the free year of Metal subscription, nor the branded swag, I just want to show off my loyalty on my Metal card. After all, it’s the same card with just a different design.

Curve, pleaser reconsider!

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According to comments here in the community, if you’re already a metal subscriber and you don’t invest enough for investor metal card, you don’t lose your current metal.

You can decline investor red and preserve your current metal plan.

@Curve_Marie & @Curve_Herman, it’s incredible how confusing the crowdfounding proposal turned into a nightmare for many users, so I propose a matrix to sum up options depending on what’s you status now and what’s your investment , or something like that, as simple and easy to understand as possible.


That is correct, however @bwinnhold would like to have a card that states ‘investor‘ and have a metal card - which he currently has due to be being a Curve Metal subscriber. Unless he invests at least £1k that option is not available to him. Anything less than that means he can only have a plastic ‘investor’ card or keep his ‘non-investor’ metal card.

That is pretty harsh!

I agree a matrix or similar would be good, but I’ve no doubt there will be more unhappy people when they realise how certain scenarios will play out.

Well, agreed, but I prefer being upset after knowing the requirements and benefits…

it’s better than making wrong decisions about investments because of a lacking or misunderstanding info :slight_smile:

I think some other rewards would have been better , like getting more % cashback or maybe more retailers for a certain investment.

I prefer to keep my Current curve card.

I agree…I wasn’t suggesting they shouldn’t make things clear before hand…they absolutely should! I was just saying how unhappy people will be if that happens.

It’s a lot better for them to be unhappy before rather than after investing.

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I agree - the way they’ve gone about trying to attract us as investors has really been a shambles (actually, quite a lot like a lot of Curve’s new product launches).

I was quite keen on investing, but they seem more interested in pointless branded merchandise than sensible discussions around their plans, how they intend to actually make money and sensible, clear communications and decisions.

Supposedly the crowdfunding starts in two days - but they haven’t given us any financials, any plans, or the investor presentation they promised us. As usual, information hasn’t been communicated formally, just through this forum.

Edit: apparently there is a presentation tomorrow…I don’t remember being invited to that by email?


@bells, you get what I’m saying.

I feel that this crowdfunding is really only geared towards big investors. I feel “regular” customers are being wholeheartedly ostracised with these reward tiers.

All I want is to continue to be a brand ambassador with a Metal investor card as I am a Metal subscriber, without having to invest the hefty £1000+ funds to do so.

It’s just a Metal card with a different design, that’s all it is.

It should be as simple as plastic card holders get the red investor card and Metal card holders get the black Metal investor card minimum, regardless of the value of their investment. It’s the least that can be done to show your appreciation to your long standing customers, by allowing us to identify ourselves as investors.

Sure, offer higher investors with extra perks and rewards, but I can’t afford that; all I want is the investor metal card itself. I really don’t feel that this is too much to ask.

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I’m Curve Legacy tier so would expect to have to invest £1,000 to obtain a metal investor card, but anyone already paying £15 a month for the Curve Metal benefits should be entitled to the metal investor card without the free 1 year of benefits, which they already pay for anyway, for the starting investment amount of £10. Only seems fair to me.

I have to invest £500 to obtain a branded swag bag which I am more than happy to do, but again, the swag bag should be available to existing metal subscribers for say an investment of £100.

Exactly. It just makes sense!

I really am not concerned about the swag, as cool as it is. These reward tiers need serious reconsideration otherwise Curve will be isolating and excluding a lot of their customer and fans, especially those that have been there since the beginning.

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I’m not bothered about any incentives to invest, but I would love an enamelled pin badge :wink:

Here is a matrix I made for you guys to easily understand your options, depending on your tier and investment level.

After the free Metal period for investments over £999, you can pay for any tier i.e. Black or Metal and get to keep your Metal Investor card as it will carry on working regardless of what tier you are on after the free period.


That’s kind of what I feared, curve has introduced 2 lifetime periods now, both black ( black legacy and black subscription with referrals) but they are tiers that you can’t go up and then return to. I would be interested in investing £1000 and obtaining the perks but losing the lifetime black for a full year of metal I wouldn’t really be up for.
It seems odd as alot of people want to support the brand as they improve their offering but every time we risk losing something that lasts ‘forever’ from our previous commitment. Maybe in 2 years a palladium tier exists and people with lifetime metal who sunk 25k likes the perks and wants to upgrade but losing the lifetime metal may not be worth it.
Is Curve looking into a way to enable these fans to continue to support them without being made worse off?


I have a feeling that Curve simply want to move user from legacy black tiers as they lose money on it. Legacy are the only tiers where users are not paying Curve anything but get rewards.

Investment should make all upgrades and investor cards optional, that is the only way forward.

Where did they say you can continue using the Investor card after the downgrade?

Interesting, I had a different message from support:

If you invest enough to be eligible for one of our free Curve Metal plans, you will be given the option of continuing to pay for Curve Metal once this plan expires or downgrading to Curve Black or Blue. If you downgrade you will be sent a standard Curve card that matches the tier you are on.

In this post, Curves support team apparently said it. Obviously the complete opposite of what’s being told to us in the forum. :man_shrugging:t4:


“People who invest £1000 will receive a Metal Investor card and a year subscription to our Curve Metal tier, the two are separate benefits. After your subscription has expired you will be moved to our Curve Blue plan but keep your investor metal card. You will not be issued a replacement Curve Blue card and can keep using your Metal Investor card.”

Can I opt not to take the metal card and just keep my Free Curve Black Tier ??

I completely understand the tiers.

I just think they’re incredibly badly thought through, demotivating to a large proportion of existing customers, completely out of touch with the product curve offers and communicated extremely poorly.

There was a clear, sensible, logical way of doing it and they haven’t chosen it. Which, as usual with Curve, has resulted in a mountain of confusion and fields of frustrated customers - ironically, exactly the people Curve are asking to give them large amounts of money with currently absolutely no promise of any return, because they haven’t given us a business plan.

They didn’t even announce the investor event - it was only posted here, despite their having the email addresses of everyone interested.

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