Existing Curve Metal Subscribers Ostracised

Interesting, I had a different message from support:

If you invest enough to be eligible for one of our free Curve Metal plans, you will be given the option of continuing to pay for Curve Metal once this plan expires or downgrading to Curve Black or Blue. If you downgrade you will be sent a standard Curve card that matches the tier you are on.

In this post, Curves support team apparently said it. Obviously the complete opposite of what’s being told to us in the forum. :man_shrugging:t4:


“People who invest £1000 will receive a Metal Investor card and a year subscription to our Curve Metal tier, the two are separate benefits. After your subscription has expired you will be moved to our Curve Blue plan but keep your investor metal card. You will not be issued a replacement Curve Blue card and can keep using your Metal Investor card.”

Can I opt not to take the metal card and just keep my Free Curve Black Tier ??

I completely understand the tiers.

I just think they’re incredibly badly thought through, demotivating to a large proportion of existing customers, completely out of touch with the product curve offers and communicated extremely poorly.

There was a clear, sensible, logical way of doing it and they haven’t chosen it. Which, as usual with Curve, has resulted in a mountain of confusion and fields of frustrated customers - ironically, exactly the people Curve are asking to give them large amounts of money with currently absolutely no promise of any return, because they haven’t given us a business plan.

They didn’t even announce the investor event - it was only posted here, despite their having the email addresses of everyone interested.

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This topic really speaks to me.
I’ve upgraded to Curve Metal, mainly because I love the card. I have invested this morning (albeit not a huge amount) but I would love my current metal card to state investor.

Be it starting from £10 or upwards, we’ve still invested to help develop and push Curve forward. It would be nice to see it being an option rather than a red investor card.

Yeah. My investment drastically reduced on the back of these poor decisions.

I’m glad I’m not the only one in this situation or feels this way.

I genuinely feel a bit cheated, which for some may not agree, but I just can’t help but feel undervalued or under appreciated as an OG Curve customer.

Nevertheless I did invest this morning, albeit some small in comparison to others I’m sure, also not enough to get the Curve Metal investor card, but I’m really hopeful that Curve might change their mind and allow us as Curve Metal customers to get the Curve Metal investor card for them to show their appreciation, and for us to show our loyalty.

Why should they change their mind when they were oversubscribed in the first 6 minutes of going live??!

I don’t believe your chart is correct - I don’t believe you can use the Metal card if you are not on a Metal subscription.

If I did understand it ok, you’re right, metal card is a member of Mastercard World Elite program and you cannot use a (physical) metal card if you’re actually not a member of the metal card tier and you’re in another one.

However, you can benefit black benefits while using a non-black physical card (ie investor red in this discussion) as black one has no Mastercard limitations, on the other hand.

@charlie.hammond, will you please sort it out if I’m wrong

How funny, I was think exactly this when I was in the process of investing my £500.
I got those final stage of app ring my investment and the asked myself, why I want to invest in a company that’s never really communicated properly, promises a lot and does deliver or take me seriously.
I’ve been with curve from the get go, upgraded to the metal card when it was launched and paid my year subscription upfront (big mistake). Only thing that got me to invest in the metal card was based on their promises of Apple Pay, which was the thing that made me subscribe, as I mainly use my iWatch and iPhone for all payments below £30. I even use it as a substitute to my Oyster card. Imagine how gutted I am to have an expensive card that’s useless and mainly collects dust somewhere at home. I’ve already decided to jump ship next year when my one year is up. Don’t believe in a happy relationship with curve anymore.
Based on my feelings, experience with curve over the years and the fact that I wouldn’t even get a metal investors card made be, withdraw and not invest.

The really should think things true and communicate better when they do things. Seems they always give you a bruised carrot for your loyalty.

If you’re going to complain about their communications, please at least get things correct in your own! There is no such thing as an iWatch - it is Apple Watch.

Curve are certainly not the best at communicating, but Apple Pay is outside of their control as far as I understand. Sure, they shouldn’t have promised it. They never said that Apple Pay wouldn’t be available on the free subscriptions so I’m really not sure why you upgraded to Metal purely based on that.

Hi @g_glnx,

This is corect :slight_smile:.

Well done for noticing I used iWatch rather than write Apple Watch but as the acronym is widely used, even you knew I meant Apple Watch. My upgrade was based on the promises they made about when it would be available, which has been promised now numerous times and never happened. Why have it on the roadmap with a promise of when it will be available and then not deliver? If it was only once, then fine but the promise has been a few times. Let me not even start on the insurance quality, airport lounge etc.
So you think they’ve ever offered to refund or compensate for people being tied in and them not delivering?

The fact that it’s widely used doesn’t make it correct, and you’re the one complaining about communications.

They did extend the opt out period to 28 days to anyone who wanted to back out of being tied in after the American Express confusion. You evidently chose not to take that up, you also made the decision to subscribe for a full year which you didn’t have to do.

Apple Pay has absolutely no relevance to which subscription you’re on, and never has, so you’ll struggle to get anyone to listen if you think you’ve been missold. You decided to buy something based on a product that wasn’t available at the time, and for which your eligibility wouldn’t have made a difference whether you upgraded or not.

You will actually find that for a very short period of time, the tier you were on was relevant. Customers on legacy black were told they would not get Apple Pay.

In terms of poor communication, you’re really comparing one word in a post by a fellow community member on this forum with official communications issued by a company that is asking people to part with money either as an investor or a customer. You even acknowledge their communication isn’t great, so was their really any point. You do realise how it makes you look don’t you?

I’m pretty sure that even if you paid for the annual subscription, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to leave/cancel/downgrade. As long as you have passed the 6 month mark, the point after which Curve will no longer charge you a £50 fee for the metal card, then you cancel penalty free. The terms suggest that if on the annual subscription you will need to give one months notice, but you will then be entitled to a pro-rata refund. It was a quick scan of the terms so please don’t quote me on this…I would suggest you check for yourself and maybe clarify with Curve, but worth checking out if you want to leave them.

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Thanks for this information, I’ll be checking the t&c for more info. I didn’t realise the possibility of a pro-rata refund and will definitely take this up if possible.

My use of iWatch or Apple Watch has no relevance in this topic. I subscribed and paid for the year upfront based on what they advertised and sold. As I mentioned, from insurance, lounge access to Apple Pay came with delays of months I paid for and those service ended up being rather below similar service from competitive metal card providers.
Apple Pay happens to be very important to me, even if not so for you.
Not sure where your grievances with my dissatisfaction is. Simply, I’ve been told and sold something from the get go, that hasn’t been as promised. If this was a car, and tyres and doors was missing you’d probably have been very dissatisfied.
I’m not taking my disappointment any further than sharing it with fellow community members.
I simply can’t be in a relationship that cost me and where I’m not appreciated.

Getting off topic, discussion closed for now.