Expense Management

To me it seems that Curve is missing a trick in relation to expense management. Whilst I’m aware that there are plans to integrate with other expense management platforms, it would take very little work to add features to the Curve platform to make this work as an expense Management platform in its own right across multiple cards. The value of the card would then increase tenfold for us.

We use curve cards for our expenses because it links with multiple cards, plus transactions automatically pop up prompting you to record your receipt. Its also great that you can add custom notes at the time of purchase for later review.

Additional features should include:

  • select expense category at time of purchase
  • custom notes to be included in transaction email
  • ability to email/export multiple transactions/receipts at once
  • ability to send to an alternative email address (share)
  • transactions marked as business could enable alternative options (such as those above), whilst being hidden by default for personal transactions

So far, the Curve card has been a saviour for our expense management, but removing the need to integrate with an external platform by adding a few small features would really benefit companies such as ours.

I requested this when I first started using the card, but I’m wondering how much the developers listen to consumers, which is a real worry (given that I’m an investor, I’d hope they would listen to good ideas).

Hey! @Alexburn
Welcome to the Curve Community :wave:

We take the feedback of our customers very seriously and we ensure that we pass on all suggestions that are raised.

Thanks for the detailed breakdown on how we can incorporate better expense management within the app. We’re more than happy to raise this again with our Product Team to consider! :smile:

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