Expiration date?

I have not retrieved my card yet, but in the app it says it will expire 7/2021. I have never seen a MasterCard that’s only valid for 2.5 years. All of my other debit/credit cards last for a minimum of 4 years.

Is there a reason for this? Isn’t it a huge hassle and very costly to resend people new cards every 2.5 years?

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Mine is 3 years. I think 3 years is normal, some cards go up to 5 but most of my cards are 3 years

All our cards here in France have 2 years validity. It’s only with my N26 card that I have seen for the first time 5 years !

Wow! :open_mouth: I’ve never had a card with less than 4 years validity here in Denmark.

It depends on each issuer but three years is also the common one here in Spain :es:

It should be 3 years, which is the standard for most debit cards :slight_smile: