Expired card removal

What about an option to delete card automatic that expired?

Maybe removing it automatically is a little over the top, what about a warning (first)…



But would be nice to have a settings then this card has expired
Like over x date, delete it
Who say the specific card will be renewed?

For me a warning would be sufficient. If I get a warning/reminder on the day the card expires (and I will not renew it), it only takes me a couple of seconds to delete it myself.


Agree given most people will renew a card would make sense to offer warning. If not renewed you could delete, but if it has been then you could update the expiry date.

On other apps, such as Revolut, there’s a message that prompts you to update expired card details. I think that would be best.


And if you dont wanna update the detail there should be a delete button

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