Expired card unable to update

I added my mastercard which was then replaced by the bank with a new expiry date and cvv but although I have removed and added the curved card it always stores the data of the old card. it’s a said and said problem I saw that it happened in 2019 with another user who reported the thing here in the group, I see that it has not yet been solved if i were traveling now how would i do? you can’t have these little shortcomings from the team

I’m afraid the only way to resolve this is to contact the CS team on support@curve.app.

they don’t answer anymore

I just an email from the suppor team yesterday

So they are still alive

they don’t answer me this situation is unacceptable

Send them a DM on Twitter.

Then did you send the email?
You cant expect they answer right away

I checked the old posts this problem affects everyone and has been treated also in 2019 and have not yet solved
who was in my situation with cards to update with cvv and expiry date what should he do?
to throw the paper curves? since it doesn’t work
@Curve_Marie we have to solve this problem 1 year has passed since they informed you but we are still at the starting point

I agree there may still be an issue (which clearly needs addressed), but in your specific situation have you recently emailed Support and not received a reply? If so then Twitter DM is an option, or if it has been many days since you emailed then you could call the number on the back of your card in daytime hours.

they don’t answer me anymore very professional they are afraid to face these little problems @Curve_Marie

Hey guys, this is a new issue that our team are aware of and are working on at the moment. @Issaka_Bance the issue has been passed on to our engineers and our team will be sure to be in touch with you as soon as they have an update on it.

@Hannah the cards we remove are not deleted remain on the system for this reason there is this problem. Enter the system and change my card details. I urgently need it

Seems to be more a recurrence of an old bug? Can't update expired card

Hey @Issaka_Bance I get that it’s frustrating for you but unfortunately our support team can’t make any changes like that. @ediflyer, I think you’re right. I’ve checked and can see that our engineers deployed a fix for this but it appears some people are still affected by it. It’s been re-escalated again, which is where I got confused.

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await updates thanks

the expiration date I see on the app that has been replaced but still still experiencing problems due to the non-update of the cvv

DAY 3:
I noticed that if we remove and reinsert the card the expiration date of the new card is updated not as before the old one remained it seems they still have problems as I insert my cvv of the new card but it debits the canceled card expiry date conclusion: it seems resolved cvv: still have problems updating the latter
I leave the photos attached


I have the same problem. I contacted the support last week. They are working on it :

ah so you asked it 1 week ago? this is a serious problem that was reported in 2019 and still not resolved.
@Hannah @Curve_Marie i want you to delete the card data from your servers so I can insert the same card with the different expiration and cvv data

My first message to the support on this topic was on April 12. So more then that. I patiently wait since. :grinning: