Explain better "Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction"

I don’t know if this must be considered as an idea or as a BUG but actually the decline message “Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction” sometime just point you in the wrong direction, as if i get a decline i just want to know WHY i need to use another card

i.e. i’ve received this message, opened a ticket to get more information about the decline and looks like this message appear:

  • when the expire date was wrongly submitted
  • when the CVV wrongly submitted
  • when curve does not support merchant (all crypto related?)

and expecially in these case have nothing to do with the underlay card (as i’ve contacted firstly theyr support but oviusly they have no trace of the transaction)! so please just try to be more clear when giving a decline message.

I got this error last week after multiple attempts. Curve support told me:

I’ve checked your account and the transaction declined due to a “Timeout”. This means someone in the payment chain didn’t reply in time; it could’ve been us, your bank or payment processor.

I’m really sorry about that, it’s not very common but it happens sometimes. Feel free to try the transaction again.

I tried the transaction again, and it worked.

More informative Decline messages was a previous Idea but apparently implemented already? Decline reason - @Marie not sure if you can see if any further tweaks can be made?

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I already upvoted the old idea, big improvements were made (previous you see just a decline notification with no particular reason and no timeline) now at least there are a few more decline reason (card locked, old card used, insufficient funds…) but there are too many other reasons that will be putted under this generic message…


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ve forwarded them to the team :smile:

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Can you tell us how often you feedback from the community to the relevant teams?

Other threads, on which you are conspicuously absent, lead us to wonder if the customer support teams think that ignoring people’s tickets for weeks at a time is acceptable…

I have noticed when I go past my daily Curve limit, the payment page in a browser still takes me through 3DS (which I generally use as ‘push’ approval to the Curve app). The merchant then advises its been declined.

The transaction information in the Curve app should tell you more about why it was declined. For example, regarding limits, any other Curve things and then also information (where received from the underlying card issuer) if Curve isn’t responsible for the decline.

In essence, even if it just started with “you’ve hit limits!” that would same some effort.

Whilst having any card declined is a pain, especially as you always suspect it has happened because a digit was entered incorrectly, so you put in all the details extra carefully, only to have it declined again; but using Curve can be a way round the issue. I have just attempted to pay for a year’s road fund tax using my Barclaycard - it’s a personal one so DVLA say they can be used FoC - only to have it declined twice. At the moment Barclaycard, not surprisingly, have a banner on their website saying ‘customer service may take longer than usual to respond’. So rather than join a queue to find out what is going on I tried paying with my Curve Blue, and hey presto, payment taken and associated with the self same Barclaycard! The only issue was Curve asked me to authorise the transaction on my phone app, and when I opened it up, there was nothing there - but I clicked send an SMS instead and that worked. Result!

I had a very strange situation week ago.
I paid by a Curve Card in store - payment was little bit “slow” but store’s POS confirmed it.
My underlying card was fully charged.


In App transaction is described as “Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction”