Exporting transactions


To me it is very useful the feature of exporting transactions to a CSV file. Both myself and my wife are using Curve and getting all her transactions in a single file allows me to include them to my accountability software easily, but I found a couple of problems:

a) Android and IOS generates different CSV files, not the same columns or even the row order is different. This make importing to my software slightly more difficult.

b) The export function doesn’t apply filters, so I always get the full list of transactions. When we have been using the cards for under three months this is not a big deal, but my intention is to use it for years … will I have to export the full list every time?


Replying myself to add that Android version export transactions as negative values while iPhone version use positive values, making directly impossible to automate any kind of import to any app.

I think this should be considered as a bug.

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