Extending our partnership with Mastercard

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Awesome news! :tada:

However, maybe it‘s now also possible for MasterCard issues to not block/decline payments through Curve?
In Austria CardComplete totally blocks them; and since today my Paylife card also declines all payments through Curve.

This is a wonderful thing.

Hey @muhlba91, our team are aware of this and are investigating it at the moment. In regards to Paylife, would you mind getting in touch with our support team at support@curve.app? We’d love to get more info on this so we can look into it. You can mention that you’re from the Community! :blush:

has the card design changed to not say “issues by wirecard” yet? I’m about to upgrade to metal and wondered if it’ll say this still.

@Curve_Marie does Curve still use Wirecard at all, what’s going to happen at the end of this month if Wirecard fail to find any support from banks as their current financial support expires this month.

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Seems they do still use Wirecard, got my metal card a few days ago which is issued by Wirecard.

Shouldn’t Curve be making you know an official thread or emailing customers about this as it’s pretty significant to their business model if it’s still relied on.

Whilst they might not exactly go pop in a week and everything stops, it could in the near future.

Wirecard has declared the operational business is not affected. Also keep in mind that there are several entities of Wirecard, currently Curve cards are issued by Wirecard solutions. There is that, then Wirecard Bank, Wirecard AG,…

Curve won’t be able to give out any information as no operations are affected as of now.

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How about now @Curve_Marie as they are now collapsed into insolvency owing $4 billion dollars to creditors.

I assume the difference parts of the business will now fall.

So it looks like a post has finally been made

It is a pity that the Curve card is no longer full-fledged for EU citizens. Money transfer unavailable, Google Pay unavailable! After a few years of satisfaction, I understood that the EU citizen is not interesting for Curve and is disadvantaged in the availability of the card function.

I do not understand what you mean by this sentence.

There are no difference in features in the Curve cards issued for UK and other EU countries except the availability of Google/Samsung Pay, which is a work-in-progress and a matter of time more than anything.


There are big differences! Many payment gateways in the EU will not accept a card with GB BIN if the address is different. You can’t pay for Apple, Spotify, and more

That’s not a fundamental difference on the Curve’s side, but on the side of those retailers that are not adhering to EU law.

Curve also issues local BINs for many European countries (not all yet, but I’m sure they keep adding more).

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I think Apple and Spotify knows EU law. But he will not accept a card issued in the UK with a Slovak address.

Then no need country specific BIN.

ne 28. 6. 2020 o 19:21 Nelthorim via Curve Community <imaginecurve@discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

The Send money feature is also for UK citizens only, and the unavailability of Google Pay for EU citizens, which is available to the UK in 2020, is a really ridiculous division of customers. Revolut is also a UK fintech and there is nothing like that

I would add that in 2019, all functions were available to everyone. It is clear that Curve did not manage Brexit

Spotify have to identify where each customer lives, as the music collection they can offer differs per country (thanks to music publishers’ restrictions).

So they use the payment card for this verification, which is probably the easiest way to do it. Imagine if registered users had to upload various verification documents of their adresses… no one would want to register.