Failed to go back in time but still charged

Hi There,

I’ve never had any issues with my curve card up until recently.
I made a transaction on Card A and attempted to go back in time and move the transaction to Card B, it was not successfully moved within the app to card B but card B has been charged with the transaction, because it has not been moved within the app Card A has not been refunded resulting in me paying twice for the same transaction.

Help please

Hey there,

Welcome to the Curve Community.
Please check with your “Card B” Bank if the charge is still pending (authorization) or if it went through.

It’s probably only an authorization which will automatically disappear within the next 7-14 business days. (Authorization hold - Wikipedia)

If it’s an emergency or the charge went through, you can contact the Curve Support via email ( or via the helpdesk:

Thanks, much appreciated.

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