Failed to verify any debit cards. Now can’t sign up

I tried to sign up, all my cards failed to verify. Had to cancel my account and re-sign up. Only to be told all my cards are now stuck in limbo unable to be added as they were previously tried for my original account.

Has anyone had this issue and if so did it take long to rectify? Curve themselves acknowledged the situation but have no idea about how long it’ll take to sort. Really wanted to try Curve Metal but this has pretty much soured my opinion thus far

Welcome to Curve Community, @GBagshaw91!:slightly_smiling_face: Sorry to hear you were not able to complete the signing up process. Is the Customer Support team still investigating this issue?

Not as far as I know. I’ve basically been left with an apology yet still unable to use the service

In this situation, I would advise requesting to reopen your previous account and try to verify your payment cards again. This might be quicker :slightly_smiling_face: We are working on a fix for this issue, however, we don’t have a timeframe yet.

Who do I request this with? Can you do that for me? Also can you disassociate my mobile number [REDACTED] from any accounts so I can add it to the original account?

Also wouldn’t that just fail again?

Customer Support will be able to help you out @GBagshaw91 :slight_smile: You can reach them in-app or via