Failed transactions

Hi I have had a number of failed transactions just before xmas (what a time for that to happen!) and they’re still appearing on my balances including trying to use my curve cash rewards. Tried to get this sorted but customer service is terrible.
If anyone from Curve is reading PLEASE contact me urgently as I am unable to use my card until sorted.
Really disappointed as a user with how this has (not) been handled and as an investor I am appalled!!

Hello @dov,

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Could you drop the social media team on twitter a message? @AskCurve

They can check your issue and change the priority of your ticket.

P.S. I moved your thread to the correct section.

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thanks I have messaged them but no reply, please can you check they have it and ask to reply to me urgently as I won’t use the card until this is sorted out. Its very disappointing especially as I am an Investor metal card holder!

As we are users just like you, so we don’t work for Curve (support), we can’t check this for you. As @FlareCO stated you can give them a nudge on Twitter (@AskCurve) to check the status of your support ticket.

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sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were from Curve. no wonder you replied so quickly, Curve take days to do anything!

I had some hiccups on 23rd December when the Curve Card indicated amounts had been accepted when at the same time they were refused in store. Cash machine failed to pay out and Curve Cash was debited three times even though all transactions were refused. Reported it to customer service and reply was received within 2 hours indicating they had some sort of issue. All rectified within 24 hours with Curve Cash refunded and ATM transaction cancelled. Very annoying but Customer Service really on the ball.

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That’s good Neil, I am still waiting for them to sort out the issues I had, would have been good if Curve could have put an alert out to say they were having issues at the time as they have now confirmed to me.

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