Failed upgrade to Metal twice, charged twice, can't get in touch with support

I tried to upgrade to Metal in-app using my Plutus card. Opted for the annual subscription @ 150 euro but got a transaction failed message. Stupidly tried it again with the same result, but was charged twice on my card. That was 2 weeks ago and I’m still trying to get a response from Curve support, nothing from the app or 2 emails I’ve sent since.

So at this stage I’ve been charge 300 euro and still have the free tier card - I’m guessing I’ll have to go down the route of a chargeback but wanted to avoid that if possible. Curve was so handy but I’m done with it after this, the thoughts of having to contact them again in the future

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Have you tried contacting Curve via Twitter @AskCurve there I find things seem to happen a lot faster.

Thanks for your question.

Fyi - Plutus perks work on a monthly basis so I would opt in for the monthly payment if I were you. Otherwise you’ll only get €10 reimbursed once.

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Or use Plutus for one-time €10 off :money_mouth_face: from yearly payment and then switch to another Plutus perk next month. :spiral_calendar: This is how I do it - Plutus perk is great with Curve Black subscription, but not that advantageous with monthly Curve Metal… :thinking:

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Just to update I tried contacting via a DM to AskCurve as well, 4 days later still no response. No response to any of the emails either, despite them saying they would reply to complaints within 3 days.

My account did get upgraded in the app in the last day, so I guess I’ll use it for a year and just do a chargeback on the other 150 euro.

Really hate Curve at this stage though, how hard is it to get a human to respond even if it was to say it would take some time to reply fully but they will get back to me