False declines that charge the underlying card

Happened twice now - both with tescos…curve declines the transcation to the supplier, but the underlying card is charged anyway!

First is finally resolved but the second is stuck with support who dont even read the messages properly (how does declined look like pending!) and reply with boilerplate messages and support links.

As for trying to get an explanation - would currently just settle for my money refunded!
There really is no excuse now for the years of appalling customer service on what should be such an excellent product.

I’ve had this a few times. Curve card declined but underlying card authorized. It always solved itself because the authorization was never captured and dropped off automatically after a few days.

Hi curveball, (wonderful handle by the way) welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m really sorry that you are experiencing this kind of problem.

I’m sorry to say then only thing I’d advise you to do is to send customer service another email clearly stating your issue, just like you have here.

I hope they get back to you with a bitter outcome then you’ve had before.

All the best,


I hope you mean ‘better’ :rofl:


Well that was a typo and a half. Yes I did mean better but I’d leave it up there as well why not? :wink:


Given the appalling curve support I think bitter is appropriate.
I have since looked and the amounts did show as pending and cleared/returned a few days later - thanks for pointing that out.

So…why couldnt curve support advise me of this…and why so many false declines which tie up funds? It could be such an amazing service.
(Retorical! - Curve should answer this so i wont hold my breath)

Good to hear it solved itself. This is a downside of how Curve works, combined with using a debit card as funding source. Curve will always authorize the underlying card first before approving a transaction, if the payment terminal then declines the card or errors out or whatever, the amount is already taken out of your account, and returned only a few days later when the authorization drops off. With a credit card as funding source, the amount is deducted from your credit limit but your are not out of any money.

something happened with curve recently and i had to cancel my bank debit card cause curve was repeating transactions that were happening everyday (transport) even when i didnt use curve and curve card was locked in the app :slight_smile: