FAQs - Your Curve card, app and account


Is there a Curve bank account?

No, because Curve is not a bank. The Curve Mastercard® doesn’t hold funds like your traditional bank cards do. We simply connect your current payment cards and their respective bank accounts.

You can add all your payment cards and change between them in your Curve card in the app and easily change between them for your purchase.

How does Curve relate my bank(s)?

There is no direct arrangement between Curve and other card issuers, nor banks. Your relationship with your bank, credit and debit card provider will remain the same.

You will also continue to receive your statements from your card issuer. The transactions made with your Curve Mastercard® will appear on your statement as “CRV - Merchant Name” (i.e. “CRV - Starbucks”).

You can add most Mastercard® and Visa® debit or credit cards to your Curve Mastercard®.

Where can I use the Curve card?

You can use your Curve card in-store, online and at ATMs at home or abroad, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

Can I add Curve to Apple or Google Pay?

Not yet, but it is in the pipeline. There are a few other features that we plan on releasing first.

Can I use Curve at ATMs?

ATM usage is free for up to 10 same currency withdrawals per calendar month. Please be aware that you are still subjected to your merchant’s and underlying payment cards’ Terms of Service while using your Curve card. If your underlying card imposes ATM and cash advance fees, you will still have to pay them.

If you are outside the UK, you may need to check that the machine uses chip & pin as its verification method. For international withdrawals, or withdrawals in another currency than what’s on your funding account, please read “Traveling”.

Which fees are associated to using Curve?

There are no fees when you spend in the same currency that is in the bank account connected to the funding card. For international spending, or spending in another currency than what’s on your funding account, please read “Traveling”.

ATM usage is free for up to 10 same currency withdrawals per calendar month. Please be aware that you are still subjected to your merchant and underlying payment cards’ Terms of Service while using your Curve card. If your underlying card imposes ATM and cash advance fees, you will still have to pay them.

When adding a funding card, £1 will be pre authorised from your account and immediately refunded. It might take 2-3 days before it’s reflected in your funding account.


Where can I find it?

App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I change and arrange funding cards in the Curve app?

You can choose which funding card will be charged when you use your Curve card by tapping on it. The active funding card is indicated by the overlaid Curve logo.

Curve has two views so you can manage all your cards more conveniently: Grid View and Carousel View. You can switch between them by tapping the top right corner of the Curve app’s home screen.

Grid View: The selected card will display at the top of the screen and you will see the Curve logo overlaid on the card. Tap and hold down on a card’s image to drag the card into your preferred position. You can delete a card by tapping the ‘x’, or edit the selected card by tapping the (i).

Carousel View: Here you can see the recent transactions you have made with each card, plus we’ll show you your total spend for the current week or month. You can scroll through your cards, see different transactions and edit your card details by tapping the (i).

What is the Curve Timeline?

The Timeline is where you can view and export purchases you have made with your Curve Mastercard® - it’s updated as you spend, and can be filtered to display more or less information.

You can access the Timeline either by tapping “Timeline” in the Curve app or by sliding up your purchases under any card in your Curve “Home” screen.

What is Curve Connect?

Today, Curve Connect is where you will see additional Curve features currently on offer. In the future, this will be where you can connect your Curve to the best financial tools on the market in a couple of taps in-app.

Is there a Curve iOS Widget?

Yes. To add the Curve Widget to your iPhone, swipe right when on your phone’s home screen, scroll down and tap ‘edit’. You’ll then be able to tap the ‘+’.

The Curve Widget shows the card you have select and the amount you have spent that day. To see the information, make sure you’re signed into the app and have an internet connection.


Why can't I add a card to the Curve app?

You can add most Visa or MasterCard® credit and debit cards. We don’t support American Express, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB or UnionPay.

We support a selected list of prepaid cards: Monzo, Osper, Tide, Revolut, Monese, Loot, N26, Qonto, and Soldo.

It is not possible to add a card from a joint funding account if the other card already activated with Curve.

Why can't I see my cards in the Curve app?

Sometimes, when you add a payment card to the app, it doesn’t show up immediately. If you have added your card but can’t see it, please sign out and sign back in again using a WiFi connection. All your cards should then appear.

Why can't I sign in to Curve on my new phone?

This is do to with the way the data is migrated from the cloud. Please delete the app and reinstall it to use it again.

Please let us know if you’ve accidentally ordered another Curve curve card during this process, then we can cancel it for you.

Why can't I verify my mobile number in the Curve app?

The verification text can take a couple of hours to arrive, depending on your network provider. Please check that the phone number is correct and that you have signal to receive SMS messages.

If the code doesn’t arrive within 24 hours, please contact Curve Support in-app or at support@imaginecurve.com.

Why can't I activate my Curve Mastercard®?

To activate your Curve, you need to have an EEA issued card in your own name, verified by microcharge. You also need an app passcode and a verified phone number. You will then be able to activate your Curve by entering the last four digits of the card number in-app.

If you can’t see the ‘Activate your Curve’ button in-app, please sign out and sign back into the app.

If you have completed all of the above steps and you are still not able to activate your Curve, please contact us via support@imaginecurve.com.


How do I change my email or phone number?

iOS: You can change your phone number and email address in-app. From the home screen, tap the menu on the top left. Then tap ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Change Personal Details’.

We will ask you to verify the changes - the app will prompt you to verify the new mobile number before you do anything else.

Android: Please get in touch with our support team in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com. Along with the changes you want to make, please confirm your birthday so we know it’s you.

How do I update my billing or shipping address?

If you would like to update your address, we’d be happy to do that for you. You can contact us by emailing support@imaginecurve.com, in Curve app message, Facebook, or Twitter.

Let us know your new address and please include your date of birth, for security reasons, so we can make the changes.

How do I edit the name of a payment card?

Select the payment card you want to edit. Click the (i) icon below the card, followed by clicking ‘Edit’ in the top right of the following screen.

If you need to change the actual name as shown on your card, you need to delete and re-add the card. In the future, you’ll be able to simply edit the card details.

How do I lock my card?

If your card is missing please lock it in-app. This will prevent anyone from using your Curve but you can unlock it if you find it again.

iOS: Tap the menu on the bottom left, then slide the ‘Lock Curve’ button. (If your app doesn’t look like this, tap the top left menu, select “My Curve Card, Lock Card”. Then upgrade to Curve 2.0!)

Android: Choose the ‘Curve’ menu on the bottom left of the app, then tap on the Lock Card button.

If you don’t have access to the app and have misplaced your card, please call our emergency lost and stolen phone line: +44 203 322 2585. If your Curve is gone forever, message one of the support team in-app or email support@imaginecurve.com so they can cancel your card and issue a replacement (free of charge).

Where do I find my PIN?

Once you’ve activated your Curve Mastercard®, you will be shown your PIN on the app screen.

If you forget your PIN you can retrieve it in-app. iOS: Click the menu at the bottom left and then select ‘Show PIN’. Android: Click the card icon at the bottom left and select ‘Show PIN’.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN at any ATM that has the PIN change function on it.

PIN Change is available on all ATMs that accept Mastercard® in most EU countries. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain and France.

Please make sure you choose a 4 digit PIN - Curve won’t support any PINs that are longer than this.

Remember you can see your PIN in the app. For the iOS app, it’s under the burger menu and then “My Curve card”. In the android app, it’s under the bottom left icon ‘Curve’.

How do I change my Curve app pass code?

When you first set up the Curve app on your phone, you’ll be asked to input a 4-digit passcode of your choice. The app asks you to input this when you want to make changes such as deleting a payment card or viewing your PIN.

At the moment, the only way to reset this pass-code is to delete and reinstall the app, although we are working on ways to make this easier for customers. Once the app is reinstalled and you log in, you’ll then be prompted to enter a new passcode.

How do I upgrade to a premium Black Curve card?

We’re working on our upgrade feature and it should be ready shortly. We can put you on the waitlist if you contact us at support@imaginecurve.com or via the app.

Can I have a second Curve Mastercard® for my partner?

At the moment we can only issue one card per Curve account. However, we are building new functionalities so that Curve customers will be able to share funding cards in the future.

How do I cancel my account?

Please contact support via email (support@imaginecurve.com) or in-app to cancel your account.

You have a 14 day cooling-off period from the date you paid for your Curve, if you cancel within this time you will receive a refund.


What are you doing with my data?

We will never sell or solicit your data to third parties without your permission. Our Privacy Policy with regard to your data can be summarised as the following:

  1. We’ll never show your data to third parties or use it without your permission.
  2. Your usage data cannot be traced back to you, unless needed to prevent fraud.
  3. We work to very high level security standards, both with our technology and our people.

Read more on our Privacy Policy.

Are my details safe with Curve?

Customer privacy and data security are the highest priority for our data systems. Your data on Curve is protected with financial services industry-standard encryption and security measures.