Feature/alert so that users know when their account is restricted

Hi all, not sure if this is entirely the right place for this, but just a thought on how the app could be improved when the need for source of funds checks or ID verification occur.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, which is annoying but I get it. However, the thing I don’t get is that it’s not immediately obvious what’s happened - one minute everything works, the next it doesn’t and transactions get declined. The notification in app isn’t intuitive, it’s worded such that it seems like the source card has declined the transaction, rather than Curve not allowing it to go through (if that makes sense).

So, in short - why isn’t there/can’t there be some sort of notice/notification that your Curve account is restricted pending verification (or something)?

It’s a problem beyond that. Even when you start off and they give you the paltry spending limits, they can decline for any amount and not explain why. So then how do you “season” the card usage?
They just need good Push notifications period.

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