Feature for a Joint Curve account

Hey all,

It would be super cool if Curve allowed for joint accounts.

2 Physical curve cards linked to a single joint account with all the same Debit/Credit cards housed in that single account.

It’s something myself and my wife would really appreciate and find useful. :pray:

What do you guys think? :thinking:


It’s quite great idea if it would be possible to order second phisical Curve card for wife (with her ID) connected to my Curve account so to credit cards registered in Curve. In this way whole expences from her card should go directly from balance of my credit card.

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A second card holder would be a massive win

Yes completely agree. Would love this

This would be so useful especially if the open banking integration on the road may enabled us to see our home accounts too!

Hi @thai_888,

How about linking two accounts? If you have separate cards (and details) for your joint accounts you can add
your respective card to your Curve account. This way you’ll be able to plan your own spending while having an overview of your joint finances.


I think my ambition would be to be able to focus our spending on a single card. At the moment Curve doesn’t allow this as a card cannot exist in both mune and my wifes account. It has to be in one or the other.
In a “joint account” we would both see the same cards (some might be mine, some might be hers). This could also be achieved by having a companion card for my curve account i.e. a card I give to my wife that allows me to back spending of to my selected card.


That would be good but would it double up the allowances
ie. cash each month
Total spend abroad per month
ATM cash abroad if separate to above
2 separate accounts works for us at the moment but open to change. :thinking:


Hey @Curve_Marie, that’s a fair point! but as explained by @fisher.simon and I. It like having a companion card for your spouse which houses all the same cards in one centralised curve account.

I had the issue which I raised with Curve a while back, I had invited my wife to join Curve not knowing that we couldn’t upload the same cards that exist on my account to hers. Her Curve card is now unfortunately gathering dust.


I would love this too

I think it would be better to have the ability to share selected cards between Curve accounts
Say I have 10 stored cards on My Curve Card and I share with My Wife 5 of those cards of VV

Or I give access to one card to My Son or Daughter, especially handy in an emergency situation!!


This is on the roadmap :slight_smile:

Virtually “hand over” any of your funding cards in your Curve account to another Curve customer in a secure and controllable way:

  • Set up limits
  • Keep track of all the spend
  • Remove it at any time


Morning Marie,

Can you define ‘hand over’?

Does it mean it enables us to share a card between two accounts and it can be used simultaneously?
Just to basically export a card to one account to another and only that account can use that card?

And finally, will this feature be available to all curve Tiers?

Apologies for all the questions! :sweat_smile:

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I agree with the concept of joint account, but another way is easy too : I use my Curve and my girlfriend uses the underlying card… what do you think about ? we together use the same account, and we both have a card finally linked to the same bank account… Since it’s possible to lock the amounts that could be spent on the underlying card,:slight_smile: it’s a good solution…

Having a joint Curve account would probably make the difference between subscribing and not for us. No way we’re paying 2x£10/month for 2 lots of pointless, duplicate insurance. £10/month between us might make sense for the other features though

Chase issues authorized users a card with the same number, CVV, and expiry as the main card. Only the name is different. Curve actually blocked the card when I tried to add them.

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I would want a secondary card, which relates to the primary card, and is just a mirror of whatever the primary card is set at. This would save lending my card to my wife when abroad, which is the only time that she would use it to avoid fx fees.

She primarily uses amex in the UK, so has no need here

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I also want to be able to hand over / share a card’s details with other people: in this case an employee. Having limits and tracking would be great. Do you have any time scale for this feature?

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The time scale isn’t set yet. You can find what we are currently working on in our Monthly Updates :smiley: