Feature for a Joint Curve account

Great idea!

My wife and I have our own blue Curve accounts, We then link our joint account cards to our own Curve cards, and hey presto it all works fine. Wouldn’t “lending” your sole name card, Curve or otherwise, or using a joint Curve account on a sole named underlying account, be in breach of the terms and conditions of either Curve or the underlying card?

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At the moment you can’t add the same card details twice anywhere in Curve. We’re working on a feature where you can add the same card to multiple Curve accounts which should be available soon.


This is the feature we have been eagerly waiting for. This and contactless payments. This would really make the curve stand out from the rest. The cashback is fantastic, but being able to add another card to reap even more rewards would definitely be a step above anyone else, credit card promos included.

Hi Liz,
love to hear that, any news when this feature can be expected?

Hi Tamas! You can keep an eye on our monthly updates here: https://community.curve.com/tags/monthly-update
This will give you a better idea of when we look to have this in the works. :hammer_and_wrench:


this would be great

something like the main account holder and then the second card being an additional card holder like many companies others do.

both sharing the same retailers etc but with the main account holder being responsible

so maybe something like this, mom/dad with main card, son/daughter at college/uni with the additional card, controlled by the parent, a limit set by the parent, say a % of the main limit so they do not spend it all, only parent can declare cards lost, but the son/daughter/parent can lock card


Yes! I think this is a great idea as well!

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Because of the nature of how Curve already exists? Don’t we have this already? For instance. If you have a joint account elsewhere. You are issued with cards. If you individually add these cards from joint accounts to your Curve are you not already getting this?

Hi Oliver, Welcome
This feature would be more than a “joint account”. It would allow you to give another Curve card holder, (you son/daughter/mother/brother) the ability to spend against your card. Let me give you an example. I collect loyalty points from a range of card providers. Each year there are spend targets for free rooms, bonus points, 2 for 1 vouchers.

This feature would allow me to gather expenditure towards my targets from my family, without having to give them each access to each of the accounts. For me it would be an excellent feature.

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Would it work if you added your curve card to the list of underlying cards on someone else’s curve card so they could select it? That way when the other person purchased an item they could select your curve card and pass thru the cost?

It would be nice to be able to set a limit on the additional card holders as well.

It might work, if it would be possible. But it is not possible to add (another) Curve card as underlying card to your Curve wallet. One of the reasons it isn’t allowed, is that all underlying cards have to be in your name.

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You could set your card to be their Curve card, then they could set their curve card to be your curve card and any spend would just rotate between the two for eternity…!!!


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I would love this feature!!