Feature request: automatic selection of underlying card based on transaction currency

I would like to request the following feature:

Let Curve automatically select the underlying card to be charged based on the currency of the transaction.

For instance, let’s assume that I have two underlying cards, one EUR card and one GBP card.

When I make a purchase at Amazon.co.uk (in British pounds), I want Curve to charge the GBP card. If I make purchase at Amazon.de (in euros), I want Curve to charge the EUR card.

I know that I can manually change the underlying card ahead of each transaction, but many online retailers (like Amazon) do not charge cards when the order placed, but only when it is dispatched. If I have two pending orders, in two different currencies, it is impossible to predict when each purchase will be charged to the card. Inevitably, a EUR purchase will get charged to my GBP card, or vice-versa. Currently, the only solution is to go back in time and manually recharge all affected purchases (i.e. purchases charged to a card that is in a different currency than the transaction) to another card.

To avoid us having to go back in time for such transactions, could Curve please consider implementing a feature that would allow users to link default underlying cards to specific currencies?

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