Feedback and wishes from a metal user after a year of use

Been using Curve metal for about a year now. Honestly at first just to get the metal card with full intention to cancel it, but figured I can leave it running for a while. Especially after they nerfed the free tier functionality. (Hey, why not support a product you like? :slight_smile:)

I am a power user with a looot of cards in my Curve. From virtual cards like Revolut, Crypto cards, cashback heavy cards, to cards from banks of different countries I frequently travel and have accounts with.

Here are the things that I longed for the most while using the card as my single card for a while (and paying for it!)

  • FX fees!! I think it’s a bit ridiculous that metal users have to pay weekend fx fees, especially after that summer campaign that got rid of them temporarily. If the system is already there to support it, I don’t get why not just cut the fees for people that already pay monthly?
  • Better smart rules: The current feel so limited, I first thought my app didn’t load all of them when I first opened the screen. I want a lot more smart rules to make Curve really useful, especially:
    • Currency: (My most requested feature) Let me decide which card to use when paying in currency X, if you still make me pay the weekend fee
    • Vendor name: Netflix always to card X
    • Combinations: Over $300 groceries → X
  • More currency card options, or ability to turn of fx conversion altogether: Always relay to my card no matter what the currency is. Going into the app to switch card currency on weekends is a pain, especially when I don’t need the fx fee on some cards at all
  • Shortcuts, anyone? If switching cards is a recurring task, let’s make it quicker. Integrate with Siri shortcuts to quickly hit a button and bam! Now card X is the main card. Swiping around between cards is annoying
  • Why can’t I change my retailers?? Why not allow it once every 3 months or something. I picked mine mostly at random without understanding my habits, and it’s biting me back. Contacting CS is not what I consider a solution

A lot of these things are what I expect from a card that is so broadly advertised for travelers.

The current way to switch between cards is very annoying, especially when a lot of things like subscriptions run through the card. For example, I switch to card B temporarily because I am in a store, and in that moment some subscription kicks in and charges me. I know I know I can just use GBIT and fix it, but that wouldn’t be needed if I had smart rules to take care of it :slight_smile:

Honestly the line between when to just use Apple Wallet and when Curve is getting slimmer and it becomes harder to justify, I often asked myself what I am actually paying for. So instead of being “the card that proxies all your other cards”, IMHO Curve should focus on providing value on top of the concept. So people that really need those power features like advanced routing and quick switch between their cards, and are willing to pay for it. Stuff that Apple can’t (or won’t) do (for now).

(I personally don’t care about Insurance, and I doubt most do. LoungeKey is so limited as well that I haven’t used it a single time. Other cards give me a full Priority Pass, or an unlimited loungekey that doesn’t just reduce my price, but w/e because it’s not what I use Curve for)

Right now I feel like I’m paying monthly for the ability to add some cards to Apple Wallet that don’t support it yet, modernize some older cards, and a (really) nice metal card. So far that’s been worth it for me, but who knows for how long. If there is no additional value, I’ll very likely be leaving once those older cards I am dependent on add support for Apple Pay.

I sound critical but I love Curve :heart:


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Thanks ever so much for your constructive criticism.

I’ll tag the Community Manager so he can send the above to whom it may concern. @Curve_Joel

Thanks again.


3 other random ideas to add, though not really feedback but more nice to haves

  • virtual cards: seems kinda obvious for a product like Curve. Reduces single point of failure on the physical card
  • one time use cards: what revolut is doing. It’s my default way of buying things online. Risk of curve card getting caught in a breach is too high
  • usage of Mastercard secure 2FA prompt to select a card. When using online, make it possible to pick a card to use for that purchase when opening the 2FA confirm screen in the app

Curve is a virtual card by all accounts. Surely since they will all run from Curve’s backend they will all go down at the same time if a outage occurs.

I mean just get yourself another Curve card. Curve can and will send you out a new card with a new PAN if you’ve been affected by any security breach.

Why when you could just open up the Curve app and select the background card from there?

Please don’t get me wrong you have great ideas I just don’t think the above would work because of what I’ve said above. In saying that I believe (don’t quote me on it) is that Curve might be loking into virtual card support…

That was more “multiple virtual cards” so you can have subscriptions running through one that is not identical to the physical card, that is much easier to lose. Together with routing, that would be a pretty sweet feature

I know you can reissue cards, but the point was more to reduce the target surface when something (inevitably) happens. With one-time cards there is nothing to worry because those expire after they have been used.

Sites get breached all the time nowadays, so my thinking was how a platform like Curve can provide additional functionality for a premium on top, to differentiate themselves from Apple Pay for example. Apple Pay doesn’t have any of those issues because the payment process itself is secure, and retailers will never even know card details of their customers. (I know, just use curve through Apple Pay then. That’s what I’m doing anyway)

Those additional things I wrote are all just secondary fluff, my main points from my main post are still what I’d love to see in Curve first.

I don’t see the need but I can understand why others might.

Yeah it all depends what implementation Curve will go for if they decide to have a virtual card as part of their service.

Just like Curve then so no need to…

If you want a laugh if you add your card to Google Wallet or Apple Pay, the application gives you a virtual number which it sends to the merchants. So a virtual card has an additional virtual number so it’s 3 stages of separation. Cool huh?

All suggestions are warmly welcomed and we thank you for them. :grin:

In saying that I am a bit of a hypocrite as I have added my Curve card to Google Wallet but it’s mostly for the convenience more then anything else.

That’s a pretty big difference. A merchant can’t just charge you through Apple Pay whenever they want, the process is one time only and fully shielded.
Your card number is unique and doesn’t change, anyone can key it in and try to purchase something. Whether Mastercard 2fa kicks in depends Mastercard’s algorithm, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t

Speaking from security, using Apple Pay or google pay over the card directly is a dozen times more secure

Great idea, would also mean you don’t accidentally charge to the wrong card either, and also just make a one-off charge to the card without the risk of a subscription hitting at the same time.

The frequency of 2FA nowadays means Curve’s poor implementation really should be a priority to improve.


Not true at all otherwise how would reoccurring subscriptions work via Google Wallet or Apple Pay?

Yes attempts have been made and have been successful in debiting amounts fraudulently using Google Wallet for sure and probably Apple Pay as well.

The only that can be done in the above case is to refer the user to their bank or financial institution.

Nice purposes for iOS users it’s a shame apple doesnt let people interract with widget.
I agree with smart rules and retails.

For my part I would like Curve to do a better management of pre authorization such as Bunq does for exemple

  • More currency card options, or ability to turn of fx conversion altogether: Always relay to my card no matter what the currency is. Going into the app to switch card currency on weekends is a pain, especially when I don’t need the fx fee on some cards at all

Agree on this one! There are many users asking for this: Support for Multi-Currency Cards

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