Feedback on AXA travel insurance offer for black and metal

Has anyone rad the travel insurance in detail? I’m struggling to see the value of the subscription model. Is the policy for partner/family as I can some reference to coverage but only in certain areas. I will contact AXA if know one knows or loves reading T&C’s as Curve pointed me there. I do think they should know what they want you to pay for. My bank does.

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It’s a worthless benefit to me as I get full family cover with my Lloyd’s Bank Account and all with no excess. I really love Curve however I’m not sure about the subscription model they have now put in place.

Yup, agree. Most people have these with their banks!

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I was accidentally upgraded to the premium tier through the latest app update and received the insurance details. Tbh, I am looking for a way to opt out of this insurance as it looks like it will make things more murky with my current issuers.

Important aspects that I found while I quickly scrolled through the provided benefits.

    The benefits summarised in this document are dependent upon you being a valid Curve Cardholder at the time of any incident giving rise to a claim. Curve will give you notice if there are any material changes to these terms and conditions or if the Policy
    supporting the benefits available under this agreement is cancelled or expires without renewal on equivalent terms.
    This is your benefit guide and agreement with us. It contains details of benefits, conditions and exclusions relating to Curve Cardholders and is the basis on which all claims you make will be settled.


a Black or Metal card, issued by Curve, the card being valid, activated, and the account
balance having been paid in accordance with the Cardholder agreement at the time of any
incident giving rise to a claim.

Is this referring to the fact that, the trip need not be purchased using Curve Card? I am confused between eligibility & definition of the covered card.


    Your insurance policy is a secondary insurance. If you have any other insurance you must claim off of the first insurance
    policy, indemnity, warranty or any other source for any claim up to the policy limit. Once this has been reached we will start our
    insurance cover. We will not cover any costs where there is another insurance policy, indemnity, warranty, or health insurer or
    any other source covering the same loss, damage, expense or liability (not applicable to Section I – Personal Accident).
  1. We will only pay up to the single article limit for any baggage.

The underlying insurance by AXA provides Baggage insurance to Metal (only metal) as per below

    Section M - Baggage
    Personal Benlongings, maximum - £/€ 1,000
    - Single Article Limit - £/€ 500
    Excess - £/€ 75

But Curve imposes a further restriction which limits the maximum amount to only £/€ 500 with a £/€ 75 excess.

  1. Trip limitations - major issue for business travellers as we don’t wanna get tied to only trips originating from the country of residence (defined by the address on file of curve account)

    1. Trips must begin and end in the country of residence and both outbound and inbound travel tickets must be purchased
      before the trip begins. Any trip solely within the country of residence is only covered where you have pre-booked at least
      two nights’ accommodation rented for a fee. Please note if your trip is longer than the maximum duration, we will not
      cover that trip.
    2. The duration of any trip may not exceed 90 consecutive days. Please note if your trip is longer than the maximum
      duration, benefits will not apply to any part of that trip. Trips must begin and end in the country of residence. Trips using
      one way or one way open tickets are not covered unless the outbound and inbound travel tickets have been purchased
      before the trip begins. Any trip solely within the country of residence is only covered where you are travelling more than
      100 kilometres from home and have pre-booked at least two nights’ stay at a registered accommodation provider rented
      for a fee.
  2. Definitely confused on following considering I have other insurers

     17. We have the right, if we choose, in your name but at our expense to:
     - take over the settlement of any claim;
     - take legal action in your name to get compensation from anyone else for our own benefit or to get back from anyone
     else any payments that have already been made;
     - take any action to get back any lost property or property believed to be lost.
  3. Trip duration

The duration of any trip may not exceed 90 consecutive days.

This is a good coverage duration

  1. Non coverage of Insolvency
    Any claim resulting from the failure of the provider of any service forming part of your booked trip to provide any part of your booked trip (apart from excursions) including error, insolvency, omission or default.

This is usually always covered by a standard CC insurance IMHO

Any cancellation or curtailment caused by work commitment or amendment of your holiday entitlement by your employer unless you or any travelling companion or person you are staying with on your trip are a member of the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Nursing or Ambulance Services or employees of a Government Department and have your/their authorised leave cancelled for operational reasons.

This again is usually always covered by a premium CC insurance IMHO


    Unset precious stones, contact or corneal lenses, non-prescription spectacles or sunglasses without a receipt, hearing aids, dental or medical fittings, cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco, vaporisers or E-cigarettes, drones, alcohol, antiques, musical instruments, deeds, manuscripts, securities, perishable goods, surfboards/sailboards, bicycles, marine equipment or craft or any related equipment or fittings of any kind and damage to suitcases (unless the suitcases are entirely unusable as a result of one single incidence of damage).Damage to china, glass (other than glass in watch faces, prescription spectacles and sunglasses, cameras, binoculars or telescopes), porcelain or other brittle or fragile articles unless caused by fire, theft, or accident to the transportation vehicle or vessel in which they are being carried.

This is an extensive list - i am sure many of these are included in a normal insurance policy - example perfumes, cosmetics, damage to the suitcase etc.

Edit : Adding this response to the post as my reply limit reached.

Nope; if you don’t have another insurance secondary insurance act as primary. But if you have another insurer for the same benefits then Curve’s insurance will kick in only after the primary insurers settlement is complete.

Example - say curves insurance for burglary is 300£ and you have another burglary insurance through some other means for 500£. Curves insurance will never get applied. But if your primary insurance cover burglary only for 200£, and your damage is 400£ then you first claim the first 200£ through the primary insurer and then for the rest initiate claim through Curve. Curve will pay out the balance after deducting excess (if it applies)

In short it makes sense if you don’t have other insurances or if other insurances are weaker than Curve’s insurance


Thanks for that. When you summarise it that well it is not a perk. I will stick with my cheaper comprehensive annual cover!

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The car rental insurance looks pretty terrible on the metal card. If I read it correctly, it only covers up to £25,000. I’m not sure any car I’ve rented in the last few years has been worth less than this. Most credit cards in Canada & the US cover up to 75,000$ dollars.


It is 35k Euro.

  • Cover will not apply in respect of the following types of rental vehicle:
  • rental vehicles with a retail purchase price exceeding €35,000 (or local currency equivalent);

but it also only works if you pay for a rental with curve, which might not even be possible since car rentals sometimes require a credit card.

So am I right in thinking… for this travel insurance… I still need to take out travel insurance with another provider as this only acts as a backup?

That’s indeed quite a low llimit :open_mouth: All credit cards that I know of that do include CDW have a limit of 75k.They might only exclude specific cars (e.g. Jaguar, etc. as the M&M one does in Germany; and the annual fee is the same as the new Curve).

Just take the example when you rent on an intermediate level and then get upgraded to the next higher class (e.g. from VW Gold to Audi A4, typically when using Hertz oder Sixt). The upgrade would put you easily above the 35k limit, so either you have to decline the upgrade or you’re out of luck (respectively back to another card).

So this is only useful on a limited basis!?
Or what is the target group? It can’t be business travellers?

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Ok, so I’m really struggling with some of the negativity on this Travel Insurance policy. I think some people are overly focusing on the little things and missing the big picture.

Sure the gadget cover isnt high, but its better than nothing, so just think of it as not there. And getting unrestricted car hire excess cover is only 35quid from the specialists, so just ignore the CDW cover. And finally, yes it doesnt do winter cover, but that again is usually an optional extra anyway.

So considering the core Travel Insurance cover, I did a quick comparison of the benefits versus a number of top competitors, and Axa seems come out well.


Thanks for your work respectively putting this together :+1: Surprised about the AMEX UK Platinum, is this true? Just asking as then this might be true for Great Britain but on the continental side it looks different, for example:

  • Medical cover is unlimited
  • and the AXA/Curve insurance has too many weird specifications / exclusions that traditional Amex Platinums don’t have

Can you give example of such “weird exclusions”, again if ignoring the gadget/winter sports/carhire elements?

Curve Team,

I have just seen the details of the Curve Metal product.

Many of your customers may already have packaged accounts that include many of the insurances with the product (especially travel and gadget insurance). This makes the £14.99 very expensive as we don’t need the insurances but would like the metal card and the other benefits.

Would it be possible to make a Curve metal product with optional insurance products?



Agreed. And having the unwanted insurance complicates claims under other policies.
Would pay a one off for the metal card though :wink:

Where are the details about the Metal Card? For us it makes sense with unlimited AMEX transactions (when they bring that in).

We pay hundreds in foreign transaction fees a month!

Patiently waiting for Curve Metal (p.s hurry up haha).

You get this with the new Curve Black also btw, saving £5 a month.

I thought curve black was limited on AMEX transactions?

“Curve Black* customers will be able to top up their Amex wallet up to £1,000 monthly fee free. If you top-up more than £1,000 in a month, you will pay a 0.65% fee on any top-up over £1,000. This means, for example, that if in day 1 of the month you top up £500, you pay no fee. And if within the same month you then top up £600, you will pay a fee on £100 which in this case would be 65p.”

Where as Curve Metal is unlimited Amex? At least, that’s how it was explained to me? Or is there a new Curve Black product coming that I’ve missed? :slight_smile:

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Yes you’re correct. My mistake, didn’t realise Metal was unlimited free Amex.

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I was in the middle of writing an ideas post which suggested separating insurance from the AMEX / FX benefits, and this topic was suggested.

I was giddy after receiving the Curve update email and was ready to go on for Curve Metal. A bug in the Android app stopped me upgrading, and after looking at the insurance cover limits, other policies provide better cover.

A lot of Curve users (myself included) want a card which they can use everywhere with AMEX support. A Curve tier with high limits for AMEX and FX would be something I’d pay for.

I’d have to put through around £15,000 per year for the new Curve Black subscription to be better than AMEX where accepted + Curve 0.65% otherwise. But that does mean I’m going to have to carry my AMEX and Curve card and ask, “do you take AMEX”. I’d gladly pay a fee for the convenience of one card, but £9.99+ sets the bar too high. If the insurance was separated it’d be interesting to see what price point would make sense for Curve. Obviously, we want Curve to thrive and a subscription model makes sense compared to one off fees.

Perhaps the simple answer is the 0.65% is our “subscription” fee for AMEX support and it’s as good as it gets! 0.6% on my AMEX cashback after the fee still beats Tandem’s 0.5%…

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Just made an enquiry to my AXA insurance policy provided by my Curve card - and I recommend anyone with it do the same as the details passed on by Curve might not be correct! :sweat_smile:

My date of birth was apparently 1st January 1901 (clearly a default date on the system, although if I manage to live to that age then I’m not complaining!).

My old address was also given to AXA, despite me updating this with Curve over a month before the policy came into effect.

To avoid any issues with potential claims, you may want to make sure AXA hold the correct information about you :+1:

Also, they are looking into whether I can pay a supplement for winter sports holiday cover, as the current policy does not currently include it. Will update in due course :ski: