Feedback on LoungeKey with Curve

Please let us know how you get on with the LoungeKey :airplane:

  • How was the signup process?
  • How easy was it to find the information you needed?
  • How can the app and webpage be improved?
  • How can we improve the offering?

What are your top tips for getting the most out of your time at a lounge? Which lounge is your favourite? Share your visit and tips here: Travelling with LoungeKey

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Sign up was pretty smooth. The price is competitive with other similar offerings at £15, though I won’t be using it personally as my Amex gets me in for free. Selection of lounges looks decent :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that - thank you for letting us know :star_struck:

Yeah, getting in for free sounds pretty sweet :sweat_smile:

The iOS app still isn’t aware of the launch :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know, Andrey. We’ve let our team know that this is still showing in the app and they will update it soon as possible. :airplane:


One challenge which I have reported to Lounge Key, is that when registering under the section country of residence, I could not find a reference to UK, Great Britain or England, also they don’t have Australia. So used USA and will change, if possible at a later date.

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Thank you for letting us know @Scott , we’ve escalated it internally :rocket:

Not sure how Curve does it but it’d be great if it could be generated within the app with QR codes (similar to how Revolut does it) as well as how it’s normally done

This will help out when Curve launches mobile payments and it’d also save downloading the loungekey app. Also saves sign-up :slight_smile:

Just to make sure I get this right: do you mean generate the QR code within the Curve app, not the LoungeKey app?

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Yes, exactly what I mean. Should Curve actually fulfill even a majority of what I’d like to see from that thread I’ll be a metal customer by next March (when my N26 metal runs out :slight_smile:)

I don’t believe you need any sort of code, or the loungekey app at all? You just show your Curve card at the entrance right?

Signed up when the feature first went live (before the announcement) and the process was super easy. Used it for the first time last week at Gatwick with no issues. £15 is competitive, but given what we are paying for metal and the slow launch of features I would hope to see some free lounge visits included. I’m not sure what value the QR code in app would add as you just have to show your card to get in, but I suppose if you didn’t have the card with you for some reason (personally I’m never without it).


With the QR code I’m not sure if you’d need the card with you, I’ll let you know next time I’m at an airport and actually bother with lounges.

Tbh though I think I might go with Starling + American Express gold card as of next year when my Revolut Metal and N26 Metal subscription runs out.

Debit cards on Visa/MC will never be able to compete by the looks of it, although this just gave me a new idea :slight_smile: (Curve Cash redeemed directly for airline miles??)

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I have used LoungeKey and PriorityPass and member of them both - I’d say lounge access is hardly a perk because the experience is not quite the same when compared to the OneWorld/StarAlliance/Centurion Lounge. This in part is due to being contracted lounges and you’d find other credit card offerings also grant the same access to those lounges compared to dedicated airline lounges. Heck you’d be hard pressed to find one that has a shower or or one the does not have an hour waitlist to get through.

Do you mean that you have another preferred offer to access lounges, perhaps of these: OneWorld/StarAlliance/Centurion Lounge?

Have you used your Curve Lounge Key as of late?

What are you suggesting then? :slight_smile:

I think what he is trying to say @Curve_Marie is that LoungeKey is essentially lounges signing up to give you access if they have room.

I’ve heard stories of people being turned away because of no room, which isn’t typically the case in lounges outside of LoungeKey from what I’ve heard.

They can also lack amenities but I’m not sure if that’s too much of an issue as most of them that I’ve seen they typically have showers, but then again if you can’t get in what’s the point?

Let’s hear from @curve_user, so we’ll know what he meant :slight_smile:

Please do share your own stories so we can take on the feedback and improve the offer!

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My only complaint with LoungeKey personally is the reason why I haven’t used it: I can’t confirm if lounges will accept me before I get there.

If I’m on a business trip or with my girlfriend I don’t want to walk to 5 different lounges to beg for entry like, after having already paid for a pass (although I speak from Revolut’s implementation, not Curve’s)

If that ever happens please do let us know! Have anyone here had that experience using your LoungeKey on your Curve card?

Wouldn’t that be solved by checking things out in the LoungeKey app beforehand? Can anyone with a Metal card shine some light on it?

No, there is no indicator because booking doesn’t need occur from the LoungeKey app itself. It simply tells you where the lounges are and the amenities they have. You have to go with your card and swipe it, or in the case of Revolut show them a QR code.

Here’s a screenshot of the LoungeKey app, to show what I mean (this is with N26 Metal membership)

There is literally no way to know if you’ll be accepted into the lounge until you’re there.

On top of that LoungeKey doesn’t guarantee any guests either, which is awkward when I want to take my girlfriend into a lounge only to find out that they’ll only let me in :thinking: it’s up to the lounge itself. (This has never happened to me)

Luckily most lounges with LoungeKey tend to sell access on the door anyways