Feedback on LoungeKey with Curve

Glad to hear it has never happened to you! :smiley:

Eager to hear from customers who have used their LoungeKey with their Curve Metal card - have you decided to not try the LoungeKey because you feared that you would not get access? Has it ever happened?

Mainly I didn’t want to walk somewhere to look like an idiot if they reject me

People have posted about it on Revolut forums, not Curve but they both use LoungeKey.

Let’s see what other community members have to say, especially the ones with LoungeKey via Curve :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, the primary difference between LoungeKey implementations (Curve/Revolut/[insert bank here] is the usually number of entries and the cost of bringing additional guests (and factoring the cost of the card). In PriorityPass, there is also a similar tiered system.

The contracted lounges will depend on the airport and location, with bigger hubs having more choice lounges if one is full.

But that aside, these lounges are never comparable to dedicated Airline lounges like Concorde/Business, SilverKris that are offered by the alliance partners (OneWorled/StarAlliance) etc… However, there is a big omission on the information available as the average consumer will not be aware of the difference - usually capacity, hot food offerings, shower facilities, rest areas etc. which can often lack.

Take for example when transiting in Hong Kong - There are 3 Plaza premium lounges under LoungeKey and during busy periods, the queue is usually out the door. Showers will have a 60-90 min wait time. You will also be sharing the lounge with PriorityPass members, and with banks who literally give away the same level of access to anyone who bank locally with a credit card.

Entry priority is usually as follows for contracted lounges - If you travel a premium cabin on a airline carrier that they do not operate a hub from due to the departure airport (e.g. ex Manchester to Asian hubs like HKG, SIN), then you will always get access to the lounge, and some even have a dedicated area that is separate from the main lounge area. Then, those with same day departure entry vouchers (there are multiple reasons for this). This is usually followed by dedicated PriorityPass holders (i.e. those who pay for the Lounge benefit directly). Usually at the bottom are bank issued/payment card provider holders and flexible entry vouchers i.e. anyone with a platinum credit card or Revolut, N26 etc… All this to the exact same lounge.

I’m not suggesting it is a bad offering, it is not as big a deal to be considered a great perk.

All for that

No offense but you said in another thread that you wanted constructive criticism

LoungeKey is the same regardless of whatever provider offers it, it is a program. Why does it matter what packaged account it’s with? I am providing constructive criticism of LoungeKey.

Thank you for taking the time to clarify :smiley: Do you think the LoungeKey offer would be improved if it was possible to prebook access to the lounges?

The main concern you bring forward is not being granted access based on other people’s experience with Revolut’s LoungeKey offer. It’s very understandable that you do not wish to be in that situation, however, we haven’t seen that happening to any Curve Community Members.

We will certainly bring forward any feedback that our customers have with their LoungeKey. The topic name has been updated to reflect this. How it works with other card providers is outside of our reach. There’s another topic suitable for more general discussions on airport lounges and how to access them: Airport Lounges

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Yes, definitely.


I’d agree that the quality of pay per use lounges is just not on par with airline own with access via elite status or cabin class. That said, I’m not always flying with Oneworld who I have status with so I do appreciate Loungekey as a back up. But yes, absolutely it’s not a perk that should be the deciding factor on whether to upgrade to metal or not - and if anyone is expecting the Concord Room they’re going to be disappointed. X number of free visits each year would make it sweeter though. Maybe the ability to book for guaranteed entry??

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used it today at Stansted. Worked great - and £15 is a great price for a lounge that charges £27 i think to prebook.The price of a couple of glasses of wine in the main terminal. What I like about this system, compared to say Priority Pass, is that you dont have to pay for a membership, only to be refused entry. If you don’t get in, you don’t pay anything.

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You still pay a £150/year membership fee for Curve metal.

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As opposed to £575 for The Platinum Card. I cancelled my Amex in favour of the Curve Metal.

Did you have the platinum card?

Yes, but decided it wasn’t worth keeping when Amex announced the fee increase. The Priority Pass was nice though.

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I did see there was large increase…a few friends are currently considering whether they keep their Amex Platinum card or not.

I suppose purely from a lounge pass perspective it depends on how frequently you would need to use it. Very frequent flyers (with companions) might still benefit from an Amex Platinum card.

I’m the same. LoungeKey and PriorityPass are the same company. I travel regularly and often lounges in the UK will refuse entry to PriorityPass but will willingly accept LoungeKey.

Same here, the Platinum has been chopped from October for me too. The £575 was not something that felt good, especially after having been refused entry to so many lounges in the past 6 months with PriorityPass… AND having a massive hassle with my one and only travel insurance claim.

Interestingly, was at Edinburgh airport last week and PP was refused (they said they were full). I then gave them my Curve card wnd the LoungeKey WAS accepted without any issues at all.

Rather strange seeing that PP and LK are the same company!

Then, when you compare in detail the travel insurances between Amex Platinum and Curve Metal, they are both operated by AXA, but on almost every policy line, Amex loses out to the Curve scheme. I’m sure the claim process will be just as painful, but the cover is far more extensive than with Amex.

Add to that, that hotels are pretty easy to book yourself these days, and the premium events tickets on Amex are 99% London based (and I’m not), then the only think left was the conciege service, which frankly had become ultra crap.

Goodbye Amex Platinum… hope Curve delivers on the promise.

Used loungekey once before, the lounge was busy but this just meant that we were shown a seat instead of choosing on our own to ensure everyone is spread out evenly. Was simple, paid for me and my girlfriend to get in and had no issues at all

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I’ve used my Curve Metal with Lounge Key a few times. Always been easy and simple getting into the lounge - show the card, pay £15.

At MAN T3 the lounge isn’t bad (not airline lounge standard, but not bad). Most tables were reserved but the reservation times had passed their expiration date.

At LHR T5 I paid £15 to get in, did a lap to discover there was not a single seat available, they refunded the £15 and I left.

The monthly cost of metal card outweighs the benefits especially without Amex as this was the main selling point. Despite loss of Amex, the fee remains same with no real tangible additional benefits. Curve is a fantastic idea but I fear without real benefits, most will not renew metal subscription after initial 12 months. With regards to lounge access, I was turned down at Stansted, Dubai and Hong Kong,- faced with barrage of questions, i hastily left all 3 lounge receptions. Apart from Showing off my metal card, I have no clue what I’m paying for! Keeping hope alive re return of Amex to curve.

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No problems with the signup process, the app, webpage or finding information. Last week was, however, the first time I’ve flown since getting the Metal card. On Sunday I used the Priority Lounge at Southampton Airport and got in with no problem. The only delay was explaining to the friendly guy at the counter why my card was so heavy; he seemed impressed.

Friday evening I tried to get into the Aspire Lounge No. 41 at Schiphol Terminal 3 and was asked to come back in 15 minutes as they were “full up and wanted to do a clean”. They were letting other passengers in, so obviously LoungeKey members aren’t given the same priority as certain other travellers.

After a bit of shopping I did get straight in 30 minutes later (most of the shops are one lift, one escalator and 5 minutes walk away). Unfortunately this was now an hour before the gate opened and I was wondering if it was really worth the £15 at that point, as it’s not a particularly nice lounge anyway. So I spent money on shopping that I wouldn’t have done if I’d been in the lounge and I only got two-thirds of the value I expected from the lounge access. I think being treated as a 2nd class traveller is a common limitation of all of these lounge schemes (LoungKey, Lounge Club, Priority Pass, etc.).

On a positive note my Curve account was immediately debited £15 each time with no fuss and, as it was funded by my Tandem Cashback credit card, I got 0.5% cashback too. It’s handy having the LoungeKey integral to the Curve card, rather than having a separate card to carry round (although most lounges do accept the Priority Pass app).