File a dispute for haven't receiving my refund

Hello Curve, on 25/09/2020, Skype refunded £2.40 back to my Curve balance. I spoke to the merchant less than 1 hour ago and they confirmed that they have processed the £2.40 ON 25/09/2020 to my Curve card and they have done everything on their part. However, it’s 2 WEEKS ALREADY and I still haven’t receive my £2.40 refund back to my Curve balance. I want to file a dispute. Secondly, I have changed my email address to my new email address but I still receive Curve notifications on my old email address. Send all Curve notifications to my new email address only. Thirdly, when I try to remove my only card linked to my Curve account, it says “Error, Please, try later”. Why does it say this? Allow me to remove my card from my Curve account.

I guess if you will add another card, then you will be able to remove first one. System seems to be designed that way that you need at least 1 card linked to curve.

You tried it before? Are you in the UK?

Moon is right, you have to have at least 1 card registered. I made that mistake.

Have you checked the refund didn’t go to your curve cash points rather than to your card account? I’ve had that before too.

Hope it helps.

I paid with my Curve cash so the refund should go back to my Curve cash. I have not receive my refund until now. Can any Curve staff reply?

This is a user community. If you want to communicate with Curve staf you need to contact them directly, e.g. by mail ( or on Twitter (@askcurve).

I would suggest you contact them first in the ‘normal’ way, but if you really can’t wait to formally complain, you can find here how you do that:

So no Curve staffs reply here? You are not a Curve staff? I have contacted them but they didn’t reply to me.

Only reply they give here, if you have a question relating to your account (so not a generic one), is to contact them directly through one of he channels I have suggested (or one of the other official support channels). Here they don’t have access to your account, so that’s why they want you to contact them through the official support channels. This user community is not an official Curve staff support channel.

Nope. I am a normal user, just like you.


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