Finding my selected Curve Cashback retailers?

Either I am being rather dense or the option is hidden in some rather stupid location. I’m trying to find the list of the selected retailers I’ve chosen for cashback and it just doesn’t seem to exist on the app, any ideas?

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Go to your curve Cash card, click on the cog for the settings and it should show cashback retailers.

Thats where I thought it would be but all I see is this

Have you got a curve card that is still paying cashback (I think the metal card pays it forever, but other cards may only do it for a short period of time). For my metal card, if I go to the page in the app that you have taken the screenshot of, it has “1% cashback” as a menu item above “use automatically”. If I select the 1% cashback item it shows me the 6 retailers I have selected for cashback.

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Yeah I do, I’m a metal member. So at the moment, I’m just paying for the membership without actually getting any of the perks.

In that case, I think you need help from support.

Thank you!!!
I also could not find the place to check my current cashback retailers and by clicking the “1% cashback” under the Features (it does not look like a clickable button) I manage to see it.
Thanks again!