Fingerprint Card

Vote for this idea if you’d like Curve to add a fingerprint reader to the Curve cards.

Several European banks (Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy; BBVA, Spain, Royal Bank of Scotland, UK; …) are already testing these cards and are planning to launch them next year

Video: The Fingerprint Debit Card - BBC UK


What is it that I’m supposed to be voting for? The card of itself or perhaps the fact that I would hope Curve include the fingerprint scanner on Curve cards or something else entirely.


Your fingerprint will get on the card, then you touch it
So you can copy it

What happen if someone get your fingerprint?
You cant never change it

The OP has clarified what the vote is for so I’ve moved it back to Ideas.

The standard will be introduced not because of an idea, but also because of the leading world banks deals decisions.

True, but I think it’s quite useful and secure. :wink:

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Excellent idea. Curve must do it👍

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Excellent idea. However, I think they are grossly exaggerating the ability of it not to be copied or replicated! If you can fool TouchID and other more advanced systems why not a card with will have lower resources to compute and store. From what the woman was saying or not saying it seems to be a case of “well it’s secure so you must of paid it no your not getting your money back sorry”
It has loads of advantages but also disadvantages which I don’t think are explored.


Nothing is 100% secure in this world, but I think this would make contactless payments safer.


Though probably cost at least twice as much as a metal card to make. Really interesting and would be a good premium feature and if curve could get there first just think of the edge!

Curve’s metal cards and fingerprint cards are manufactured by the same company.

Curve metal cards:

Fingerprint cards:

I would like to know the price of that new card. Any idea ?

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Good question, I guess only financial institutions know the answer (for now).

Keep in mind that the fingerprint reader of the iPhone 8 costs about 2 to 3 dollars to produce.

Yes I did? I edited it into the first post?

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It’s there now but it wasn’t when I left the above post. It’s all good. :blush:

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In any case I will not be voting for it as I don’t believe that biometric security is as foolproof as they make out. What man can make, man can break. I’ve only have one set of fingerprints so I’ll leave somebody else to be the guinea pig on this one.

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All of the cards (Plastic and Metal) issued by Curve are made by Gemalto.

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