First transaction

How do I make my first transaction?? My phone doesn’t support contactless

Use the card?
Or are you using the virtual card?

Card hasn’t arrived yet and I thought the only way to use the virtual card was via contactless payment?

Sorry if it seems like a dumb questions, it really has me stumped

You can use the virtual card to buy something online.

As soon as you’ve signed up to Curve and successfully activated your virtual Curve Card, you can start spending. You can safely pay for online transactions using your card details found in your app straight away.

Made a transaction but referal bonus still not coming through. Have no idea what I’m doing wrong

Was your first transaction within 7 days since your registration? :alarm_clock: Can you see 5 GBP pending “referral” transaction in your transaction history for the Curve Cash card? :credit_card:

Yes it’s still pending after I’ve made an online purchase

Hey @Cu1 welcome to the Community! :blush:

To receive your referral bonus, both you and the person you’ve referred / the person that referred you must make a transaction of at least £/€5 within 7 days.

Once both of you have made a transaction with your virtual card wither online or with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, your referral bonus should be applied within 72 hours.

Thank you for your reply.
I’d already linked it to my Google pay and have made a purchase using my curve mastercard from the details they show on the app.
Do you know if I have to wait for the card to arrive and activate it first?

Hey, you don’t need to wait for your physical card to arrive. Has the person you’ve referred / person that referred you made a transaction too? If so, and the bonus still hasn’t appeared within 72 hours then you’ll need to get in touch with our support team so they can check it for you.

You can reach out to them through your app or email them directly at

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