Flag on app icon to denote which card is currently selected

Would it be possible to use the little red notification dot that you sometimes get on the top right hand corner of an app, like the one that shows you how many new emails you have.

To be used to denote which card is currently selected ie 1 or 2 or 3 etc

Because it’s a real pain to have to go into the app every time you want to use it to check which card is currently selected.

Would be a great help and easy to program as the red dot feature already exists.

Just a thought


That’s a pretty cool idea, it’s pretty annoying when you have the wrong card selected - or it goes through on anti-embarrassment mode, but still not to the card you’d have liked.

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I’m new to this forum as I was looking for something else, this is actually a really good idea to see at a glance which card you have selected. Not sure what the notification should be but I have my cards sorted in order of use e.g. main debit card, main debit card etc or could it show card nickname?

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