Flexible benefits package for new metal card

Hi all, I, like a lot of users of Curve, already have insurance and lounge access through other credit cards. These benefits being offered as part of the new subscription model is therefore useless to me and could even, as others have said, cause me an issue with my other insurance products because you are effectively double insured. I therefore think that Curve should offer a ‘flexible’ benefits package where you can choose a number of items you want included in your subscription from a larger range of options for the new black and metal cards, with the metal card offering the widest range of options. This would allow individuals to pick and choose, declining insurance and lounge access for example if you already have this but including other products that are useful to you and you don’t already have - such as European Breakdown cover or extended warranty cover on purchases. I think this flexible benefits package would be a much more compelling proposition to many members and make the subscription model very attractive. Thoughts?

Maybe yeah. I kinda want to support curve and I was happy to pay the 50£ but right now the benefits aren’t worth it.

I could do with a 5£ a month subscription if it comes with the old black benefits (unlimited 0% fx + 400£ free cash abroad) + go back in time even with amex + 1500£ of free amex top-up.

Great idea and I agree i’ve posted similar thoughts.

I wouldn’t expect to see £1500 of Amex top up since that would be £9.75 at the 0.65% rate. You make a good point, maybe a Black lite tier might be a possibility, a smaller amount of no FX fee transactions, a smaller amount of foreign ATM withdrawals and maybe a little Amex top up (£500)?

I’m not sure if it would dilute the value of Black and complicated their offerings even more, but it might be a possibility, especially in markets where insurance or Amex loading is unavailable (assuming the Amex issues can be resolved).