Flux Integration

Whilst photographing a paper receipt is good, although I note a previous request for OCR, how about Flux https://www.tryflux.com/ integration, which could also hopefully be tied to any subsequent Expensify tie in. Tjis would all add to the simplification of expenses.

I personally don’t like the idea of having a third party act as an intermediary between merchants and financial institutions, sharing purchase data and transactions.

There’s another startup who’s currently working on a similar thing, their patent details are outlined here: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20160092891A1/en?assignee=INTEGRATED+REWARDS+INC.

Look what I’ve just seen:

I can understand this concern, however how is flux any more an intermediary than say Curve? Both have the capability to track spending habits, although I realise flux is able to do this in more finite detail.

I really do like the idea of flux, being able to integrate and replicate this technology on Curve would defiantly a massive draw, especially to business users. This only issue at the moment is that there are only a handful of places that are signed up as partners.

Fingers cross this is the beginning of the end for paper receipts.

Flux would have item specific transactional level data from the merchants side as well rather than Curve which just has general transactional data for the purchase.

I am using my Starling Card in Flux enabled chains in order to easily capture receipts for business expenses, seams a shame when I could be using it or another card through my lovely Curve Metal.

Flux now work with KFC, this is a huge retailer and looks promising for Flux.

This, along with Costa, is enough for me to start carrying around Monzo as my second card to take advantage of loyalty offers.

It would be great if Flux could place nice with Curve.

Flux is actually doing loyalty integration now, so by adding Curve to Flux it means we’d be able to get KFC loyalty stamps just by spending as we would normally.

@Curve_Marie I think with adoption by KFC/Costa/Eat and Just Eat now all on board, it’s time for Curve to liberate us further. One card. One place to use all our cards and get receipts + loyalty points.

Pair this with open banking + merchant enrichment (and linking for total spends etc) and you’ve got a fully functional banking app that’s not limited by whatever you use. Curve could literally be the only banking app + the only card you’d need on you.


This would be nice and could work well with the receipt functionality that already exists