Foreign currency purchase decline from Tesco Bank online

Had 2 x declines at £300 and then £175 (keeping it under £200) both got to the end of the transaction and I entered the code sent by Curve but failed (only 1 decline appeared in Curve’s underlying card).

The underlying card is 118 118 Mastercard CC and they have no fees.

Anyone have experience of buying currency? I’m wondering if it’s something I need to contact Curve about like I did with getting declines at Sainsbury’s pay at the pump.

Thanks for any comments.

Buying foreign currency used to be a prohibited category, but I have checked and it isn’t in the most recent terms anymore.

What can I not use my Curve account and Curve card for?

to pay for adult entertainment, gambling, money orders (except wire transfers) and travellers’ cheques from non-financial institutions

This paragraph used to look this:

for any illegal purpose including activities pertaining to escort services, gambling, direct marketing, purchase, sale or trade of cryptocurrencies or foreign currency, money orders (not wire transfer) and travelers cheques transactions made at non-financial institutions

Leading to topics like this:

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Hi, thanks for the comments.

I tried again with Amazon Mastercard as the underlying card and that failed too.

So, looks like it’s not allowed which is a shame as it means Curve’s not really an ‘all in one’ card at all.

Annoying for sure.

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