Foreign debit card with alphanumeric card number

I have a Dutch (ING bank) issued debit card which has a combination of letters and numbers instead of a 16 digit card number - is it possible to add this to my curve account or is this not currently supported?

Is it a Maestro-card? It is currently not possible to add Maestro-cards.

Your bank account number is not the same as your card number. I have a Dutch Rabobank Maestro-card, in the Rabobank app I can find its 16 digits cardnumber, that is different than the Iban account number (containing letters).

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Thanks @poeliev. It is indeed a Maestro

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Any idea of maestro will be added soon? I also have a debit maestro card, and it would be soooo awesome to connect this. :slight_smile:

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Hey Tom! Welcome to the community!

Maestro is on the roadmap!

Hopefully it will be added very quick… I would love the idea to have my regular bank cards in the curve app!


I too hope that they add this support for foreign debit cards.
Especially including Maestro cards.

Hi, welcome to the Curve community!

You can add any EEA issued Visa or Mastercard to Curve. Adding more funding sources, including Maestro, is on our Product Roadmap. You can find this here:

This has been resolved.