Foreign debit card with IBAN number AND "wearable" 16 digit nmber

Dear all,

I am new to Curve, and really impressed with this ‘one card to rule them all’ approach. Living in the Netherlands it was easy to set up an account with my (AMRO) creditcard and I have received and activated my blue card.

However… When I try to add my ‘usual’ bank accounts (all payment/ debit cards, only with an ‘IBAN number’ on it, Maestro as far as I know it) I faced the problem of lacking the 16 digit recognition number.
ABN-AMRO provides on their site a 16 digit number, coupled with the bank account (calls it ‘weareble’; for coupling a wearable to the bank account); but when I enter this number in my Curve account as ‘add a card to Curve’, it returns with “Card Unsupported” message.

This is very annoying, as I hoped to be able canalizing my expenses to ‘household’, ‘larger amounts’ and ‘business’ categories, with my accompanied 3 bank accounts (all ABN-AMRO) -and now I am just stuck.
Any help on this/ workaround, how to register these ABN AMRO payment accounts, with IBAN or 16 digit number?

I have found a (closed) thread on this issue ("foreign debit card with AN card number’, incl comments of @poeliev), and a reference to a ‘roadmap’ -but no newer info on this.
Anybody, any help please? Thanks in advance!

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