Foreign refund not showing in Curve Cash balance

I had a refund in August which was in US$. My account is in GB£. This refund is showing in my Curve Cash history but has not been added to my Curve Cash balance. Normally a refund shows in £, in white font with the curve points underneath, eg +£1.03 +Q103, (Q represents the curve symbol). This transaction just shows +US$12.82 in green font (no curve points), and it hasn’t been added to my balance. I’ve tried contacting support but getting nowhere. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hey there, I’ve never come across this issue before! To be honest our support team are the only ones who’ll be able to look into this properly, as each account is unique. Have you tried contacting them through Twitter / Facebook DM?

Hi Hannah,
Thanks for your reply. I try to keep away from the data munching monsters of Twitter & Facebook. The idea that financial service providers and other companies with “sensitive” data ask you to use these services is in my view concerning. I’ll keep trying through the app help tickets.

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You can send the support an email

But that still get into the email provider

I have been, the help ticket from the app prompted an email reply from support@… days later. They obviously didn’t read my issue, just sent the generic curve cash reply. I replied to that only to get another useless reply another few days later.

Hey @AW, completely understand your concern with talking with us over Twitter or Facebook. However, our team never ask for sensitive info on social media, in fact they do their best not to as it’s not secure. They just ask for your email address so they can look into urgent issues.

I’m still not getting anywhere with the email support. Loosing my patience, hasn’t anybody else had this. See screenshot.