Foreign spend limit with Curve Black Legacy

I’m currently on the Black Legacy plan and am concerned about the spending limit in a foreign currency - without having Curve charging me FX fees.

According to the FAQs, Curve Blue has a limit of 500 GBP per month where as Curve Black/Metal have unlimited foreign spend (but there is a fair use of 15.000 GBP/60.000 GBP p.a. … so its not really unlimited).

However, there is no reference to Black Legacy in this respect. Does anyone knows if the fair use amount (15.000 GBP) of Black also applies to Black Legacy? Or is there a separate (fair use) limit?

In case that this questions has been answered already somewhere else I do appologize - however I wasn’t able to find the answer to this question.

Hi and welcome to the community :raising_hand_man:t2:

From communication in the past I know legacy black has ‘unlimited’ FX with a £15000 GBP Fair use Policy. But it is indeed quite hard to find where that is written nowadays.

From the terms:

Curve Black Legacy (for Curve Black customer who signed up before 28 Jan 2019 and elected to stay on)

Curve Black Legacy benefits

Subscription Fees: No subscription fees. For all other fees, check under the Curve Black section of the Fee Schedule

In the Fee Schedule there is the following on FX for Curve Black that, as per the above, is also applicable for Black Legacy:


Unlimited Fee free currency conversion (subject to a fair use up to £15,000 a year). Thereafter, we will charge a currency conversion fee of the greater of 2% over the standard exchange rate.

Hi Poeliev,

thank you for your quick reply - this answers it! :slight_smile:

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