Forgetting to unlock Curve card

is it just me that keeps forgetting to unlock the Curve card when paying?

a couple of times I ended up paying with another card only to later remember that I did not unlock the card first lol

Do you lock your card when not using it each time?

yes, after paying I re-lock the card

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Seems tedious to do it after each transaction! Is there a reason behind it?

Over safe I guess, after all it is just a quick click, just got to remember to click

Plus after purchasing/paying, I scan the receipt and then import it into the app/payment

I’ve never locked the card so haven’t run into that problem! I must admit I don’t do it with other cards that have that functionality either.

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Maybe try to remember, that might solve your problem. It’s easier said then done especially if you’re in the habit of locking your card but you gotta start somewhere.

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it is worse when the other card has locking functions as well

in this case Curve and First Direct and Monzo…

unlock Curve, but then forget to unlock the actual bank card or vice versa lol