Forum settings, language/categories

In the forum settings you can select to mute/ignore certain categories/languages. I have selected to mute spanish, italian and polish, it doesn’t make sense for me to follow those. This works great from my PC, but from my mobile phone (iPhone) it doesn’t work and both spanish and italian threads come up. It seems like the mobile version is not as well configured as the desktop version. Any chance this could be looked at?


Hello @Denali,
I’ve had a look on, which is the community for the platform we are using, and can’t find a reference to this issue yet. They’re really good at continuously developing the platform capabilities, so it will hopefully be possible in not too long :crossed_fingers:

Thank you @Curve_Marie for looking into this, I appreciate you taking the time for even a relatively small issue like this. I am, very much so, grateful for your attention. I would be equally grateful if there would be an update on the Refund and GBiT issues. The communication from this past Friday mentioned refunds would come ”early next week” - well - today is Wednesday… :slight_smile:

I try to contribute by posting an image of the language problem that I see on my phone today. Those threads are also correctly labeled with the language category. Is the Help section correctly configured? The issue is only seen here, from my experience!


From what I’ve read, there’s an issue with hiding sub-categories, which is probably why it’s showing on your phone.


The thing is that it seems to work perfectly in all the other sections, the error only seems to occur under the ”Help” section.