Fraud - Curve - Bad experience

Found fraud on my account (5 different transactions) called Curve, the first guy had no training and didn’t know processes, timelines, fraud number, if I’d get my money back or if I should let me bank know. Second person has just told me there is no one available and she’s just the receptionist. Can anyone advise if they have found the same service and what their outcome of fraud with Curve has been? Currently over £700 down and very annoyed.

DId you call your bank?
Did you call the number back on the curve card?
Did you contact the support in the app?
Send curve support an email?

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What @hup said, and also make sure you lock your card via the Curve app in the interim.

DId you call your bank? See below
Did you call the number back on the curve card? I did, theY told me Not to call my bank and filled out a form, told me I’d be called back today No call back
Did you contact the support in the app? Yes no answer

Ok, as Curve knows about the issue on your account I’m sure they’re looking into it. Support usually responds pretty quickly and for something this urgent I’d expect a response anytime soon. I would suggest giving the number at the back of the card another try shortly if you haven’t heard soon.

How did this work out in the end? I’ve just had an awful experience with Curve customer service and have just requested to have my account closed.

Two weeks ago I was a victim of a phishing scam, and made two fraudulent transactions on my credit card through Curve. The bank were able to help and within a few hours the transactions had been cancelled and the money returned to me.

Five days later, Curve was notified about the transactions, emailed me to ask for more information, and put a block on my card until I provided it. Nothing was communicated to me in the app and there’s been no way for me to follow up in the app about this. The app won’t let me do anything - support tickets, whenever I’ve tried to open them, just fail. I found out the card had been blocked (five days after everything was resolved) when I was at the supermarket trying to buy groceries, had to put everything back and leave empty-handed, then nearly missed the bus to work because I had to reset my Apple Pay to a new card at the last minute.

There is no phone number I can call to just explain the situation and get it resolved, so I’ve had to email back and wait for responses. The first email I sent took nearly a week to get a reply, during which time I had no access to my Curve. In the meantime I have accounts trying to charge it and sending me notifications that they’re not being paid. I have a full-time job and have had a hell of a week changing settings on all my prominent accounts online to a different card so I can continue to use them, and still have a long and tedious list of places to change my account details since I can’t rely on Curve at all now.

Curve have emailed me back and forth every now and then since they blocked the card, but all they ever do is ask for more information about the nature of the transaction that took place. They’ve been suspicious of my account of the event and insistent that I provide full details, with no sense of understanding or any explanation of what they need to resolve things. The most recent email, received an hour ago, asked for yet another detailed and complete description of events and a police report of the crime! I am already being disrupted enough by having to deal with all this in my spare time, was so relieved the bank were able to resolve the issue for me completely in just a few hours, but two weeks later Curve are making it impossible to move forward. They reply to my emails, at best, once a day (on week days only) and there are no end of questions in sight before I can use my card again, while in the meantime bills are scheduled to be paid and I have to manually go around removing Curve from everything just so I can get on with my life. All I wanted was to have my card restored.

I don’t know what Curve customer service is generally like but I’ve been shocked at how lax the company has been at rectifying something out of my control at a time when I really needed them to help me maintain normality in my life after this financial scam. I can’t believe there’s no number to call for things like this. (And yes I tried the lost/stolen number - I was told nobody was around, and that I’d get an email back. I didn’t get one.)

Hello Simic,

It worked out dreadfully in the end. After ages of speaking to customer service I finally got through to someone with a brain who was very honest with me and told me to contact my bank.

I called my bank and they refunded the amount.

I would avoid these like there is no tomorrow and go through your bank. After all this and losing the money they offered £10 credit as compensation

My complaint is still ongoing with the ombudsman.

I am sorry this has also happened to you


Sorry to hear that James. The ridiculous thing is I went to the bank straight away, the same day, and got it all resolved. I understand Curve wanting to be cautious and get more information, but I thought all I’d have to do was explain that it’s been resolved and it would be unblocked immediately. Here I am weeks later trying to deal with all this while working from home.

From looking through the forums it seems customer service is a huge complaint - really disappointing to see.

Oh dear, that sounds like quite the experience. Can I just check my understanding?

You were the victim of a phishing exercise, and the thieves got your Curve Card number and used it for 2 purchases. You then called the bank of your underlying card, rather than Curve, and got them to stop the transaction?

If so, the problem is that Curve have paid the scammers, and your bank hasn’t paid Curve. It’s not the easiest process to find, but Curve are the ones out of pocket and should have been the ones notified at the time to cancel the transaction. As it stands, it seems as though they don’t want to do business with you so have blocked your card. You mention you called the lost / stolen number - was this at the time of the fraud, or was it the 5 days (or more later) you mention?

Sadly Curve is a bit complicated and not responsive enough as a company for people who use the service as it’s advertised for ‘all your cards in one’. If you called Curve at the time of the fraud and they failed to email back as promised, then it’s all on them.

Either way, I’d recommend asking to start a formal complaint and take it from there… hopefully you get a new working card soon!


You’re correct except the transaction wasn’t stopped - the bank were kind enough to reimburse me the credit to my card, so it’s the bank that ended up out of pocket. Apologies, when I said the transaction was cancelled, I was just referring to my perspective. The transaction went ahead, technically, but for me I was reimbursed. So Curve do have the money, which is why I find it so asinine that I have to extensively prove to them that I was legitimately frauded. The bank have already solved the problem - I just wanted to use my card again.

I have registered a formal complaint, largely with the contents of what I wrote in my post here, and have instigated a cancellation procedure so hopefully this can all be put in the past and I will go back to carrying more than one card with me at a time. Small price to pay!

Banks usually are not so generous, I’m almost sure they initiated a charge-back procedure against Curve.
It’s very hard to believe that they just gave out own money without claiming it from the card scheme.

Having said that, there is a chance that they decided to issue refund to you before chargeback procedure is completed, but it doesn’t mean they completely gave up on it.