Fraud- Curve not safe for me

Hi Curve community, i had a terrible experience with Curve App and card and lost some money through unrecognised recurring transactions last month. Though the money was reimbursed both the times, the way which the fraudster managed it consecutively even after i reported the case twice to the curve team and both the times the cards were replaced was unbelievable. Later curve team was stating my mobile device was compromised but it got proved wrong. My bank has confirmed to me that these unrecognised transactions came through Curve. Second time when the first transaction happened, i uninstalled the curve app in my mobile after locking the card from my side and by curve team as well (i have an email supporting that) but still the fraudster could manage some transactions. This indicates a clear failure of security from Curve. Now i havent activated the curve card (3rd) and as such there are no issuee. So i am scared to use it again, hence switched to Google Wallet. So i think my experience might be useful for others, taking care of their hardearned wealth.

Never been to USA but just judging by various online materials I seen so far - it feels that finance system in USA is outdated compared to Europe and all kinds of frauds with cards happens all the time due to wide use of card magnetic stripe/card cloning & not using PIN as standart. Maybe it is changing for better now, I dont know (hope so).

My guess is that your Curve happened to be card that was compromised and used for fraud and it was not becouse Curve might have issues with security.

Normally there should be 3DS verification for online purchases - as I understand in EU it is mandatory already (and Curve supports that, at least it works for me).

Is USA not so sure how that works. If online shops does not support 3DS, purchase will work just by entering card number/expiry date/name surname (maybe even without name surname).

Hi, I live in UK and it happened within a span of 2 weeks that too twice, despite reporting it to Curve team. Quoting the sentence curve team sent me about security!!

‘Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over how merchants may process transactions from you and we cannot determine how these transactions had taken place’

So now i am wondering why should we take this huge risk of usong Curve and its card.


You already say you’re now using Google wallet, I’m also always using Apple Pay and never actually need to bring out the physical card. If you find yourself ever needing to enter the card details on some website or saving it in any way somewhere, think again.

This way if the card number isn’t even out there, it should be next to impossible for someone to copy it :slight_smile:
Since it happened twice for you on different cards, there must be a leak somewhere. Could be on your network at home or on the device you’re using or on the website / password app / browser extension you’re using.

Btw why is this in “Help US” if you’re in the UK?


Posted it in the wrong page:(

When i stopped using Curve, the unrecognised transactions also stopped. My worry was even after Curve team blocked my 2nd card after repeated attempts, the transactions took place. How can that be.

I had a notification of a really weird transaction on my card so I contacted curve and locked the card. Got an email saying a new card was on its way and then later the same day a call from “Curve Fraud Department” to say suspicious transactions were trying to made on this before I hadn’t even received it and activated it.

I’m not totally convinced it was a genuine call either as looking up the number on Google its been reported as a scam.