Fraud Detection?

Hi All,
usually with my real Visa and Mastercard when a strange payment occurs (due to cloning or merchant leak) the issuer or the bank block the payment and proactively TXT/CALL me in order to approve or deny strange payment occurred. This reduce the risk to lose money, blocking the leaked card and asking for a new one for free.

I’m not an expert on PCI Fraud systems and i really don’t know if this is a Bank Service or Visa/MasterCard service but i’m asking if Curve has the same capabilities as above.

Think for a second. Curve act as an overlay between the merchant and your real credit cards. So this means that your real credit cards issuers see only transactions from curve without any other information about the merchant. Means that anti-fraud detection systems are not able to correlate transaction amount with merchant ID, location and past history.

About what I wrote above, how does it manage curves these problems? Does it have an adequate and proactive anti-fraud system or is it just reactive and is the responsibility of the user to report to the support of strange transactions? What is the procedure?


As far as I’m aware, you have to report to Curve and they will refund the fraudulent transaction.

To make things short, yes, Curve has its own fraud detection.
A member of the Curve team mentioned it somewhere in the post, you have to search for it if you want to read the full part, but afair they use which also comes with a handy fraud system.