Fraud Issues - HELP!

I found a charge I didn’t recognise on my Curve account, the name on it didn’t indicate who it was from, and the amount was also not something I spent recently.

As instructed I locked my card and got in touch with Customer Services.

While they could tell me who it is from, I have since been going in circles.

I keep getting told to engage with the merchant - but the only interaction I had with that one was weeks ago, and even that was sketchy.

He/She never replied to my request to cancel my one and only ever order with that seller, no goods arrived, and now that new UNAUTHORISED charge.

Why is Curve so unwilling to issue me with a new card? I almost feel like they are supporting fraud with their unwillingness to help.

At this point, I will have to stop using their service and leave my Curve card locked because of that fraudulent merchant and Curve’s refusal to issue a new card.

Any idea why Curve refuses to help me with a new card?

Curve is following protocol, in order to file a chargeback, MasterCard requires to settle the dispute with the merchant first.
If the merchant has charged your card not based on a (previous) purchase, then it’s an illegal act and you can even report him to the authorities.

I will follow this up with the Gardai, but does that mean until a miracle happens, I can’t ask for a new card? Every other card issuer rather goes overly cautious and issues a new card without giving me the runaround.

Hey @Karissa sorry to hear that you’ve had a charge you don’t recognise.

Based on what you said, this sounds like a service dispute, rather than fraud, as you willingly gave your card details to the merchant at one point. As @Lucas mentioned, our team have to follow protocol and the first step is to try and settle the dispute with the merchant first. If that fails, then they’ll be able to raise a chargeback for you.

They should be able to reissue a card to you in the meantime. Have you asked them to reissue a card to you and have the literally refused with no reasoning?

Hi Hannah,

I have asked at least 5 times to have a new card issued, but all I am getting is that it isn’t a fraud and I should engage with the merchant.

I kept telling them I tried, but said merchant is has not been replying since my only encounter with him several weeks ago.

I can’t use my card because I am afraid he will charge me again unauthorised, but I don’t know why nobody I spoke with got a new card ordered - I am more than happy to pay the service charge for a new card.

Hey @Karissa,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with the Curve support team not properly addressing this for you. Maybe reach out to the Social Team by sending them a DM on Facebook or Twitter? They can then make sure that Curve support takes another look at your open ticket for you.

It’s very unusual that they’d refuse to reissue a card as it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Hi Joel, thanks for your advise - I finally got confirmation that a replacement card was on the way. That was my main worry, that I would have to wait until the dispute team went through the case :see_no_evil:


Hey @Karissa, you’re welcome, glad to hear they managed to get to it for you!